Keong Saik Bakery

When baked goods started to take over Instagram, the daily post about delicious tarts and breads from Keong Saik Bakery was making it’s round whenever I scroll through my Instagram and I was very curious about how the bakes tasted. I was around the area when I had a 30 mins open slot so I decided to get a small snack from Keong Saik Bakery.

First of all, the bakery had a nice fusion style décor of heritage and modern elements with the huge old Chinese signboard above belonging to the 2nd floor and their clean white signboard written in both English and Chinese characters. There are also a couple of tables for customers due to limited seats inside

The shop itself has a pretty narrow layout with the display counter for both their cakes and breads taking up half of the shop.

The back of the shop is also occupied by their ovens where their bakes are freshly made daily as well as the cashier and a small beverage counter

Due to the limited seating within the shop, most of their customers takeaway or order delivery from their online site. You can find most of their famous bakes like the cruffins, croissants, breads and loafs are all available on a daily basis but the popular ones do run out pretty fast

The chilled counter also displays some of their popular cakes like the burnt cheesecake series or the local flavours series like attap chee rose cheesecake, chendol delight and orh nee

Due to the limited seats, the bakery has also set a dine in time limit to ensure that customers do not hog the tables for long periods

Since I was only there for a short break, I could only order 1 item ad I chose the original burnt cheesecake since that is something I saw so often on my Instagram. For SGD 7.70 per piece, I price is quite similar to other bakery offerings. For drinks, Keong Saik bakery chose the traditional drink offerings like Lime tea, black coffee, milk coffee, mocha coffee and tea. The interesting part of the drinks menu is that they incorporated the traditional Singaporean names like Kopi O for black coffee and Mocha which is coffee and milo mixed together

At first glance, the cheesecake looks very dense and creamy and the burnt top has a nice brown and even layer

I love that the cheesecake has a very nice creamy and soft center with a nice luxurious intense milky cheese taste. Every mouthful was sinfully good although I did not quite get that burnt cheesecake flavour. It was definitely a very nice after meal dessert or tea time snack. As for the drink, I ordered the lime tea which has a slight bitter taste to it as I requested my drink without sugar but the bitter taste was more of a lime bitterness than the tea

Overall, I am excited to try the other bakes of the bakery when I have more stomach space or more dining party but it would probably be a takeaway since dining there has a 1 hour limit which is not exactly the best for friend to catch up. As for the drinks, I would give it a miss

Address: 33 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089140

Operating hours: 8 am to 8.30 pm

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