Glam D Meal Replacement Shakes

Everyone who has been on a diet would have came across some kind of meal replacement shakes. They are either totally bland and disgusting or the fake milk powder taste is too strong for any foodie on a diet to make a commitment. The digital ads for this meal replacement shakes was flashing diligently on my social media network for some time but it was after watching a review on one of the Youtubers that I follow that I decided to give this shake a try

As a foodie, the taste of these shakes are very important to me so when I decided to try them, I had to purchase all 3 flavours which are available; Chocolate, Matcha and soy Injeolmi ( Korean rice cake). Each box retails at SGD 22 on their official store in Shopee. They actually sell the shakes in bundles of 2 for only SGD 40 and 3 for only SGD 60. Every box has 5 packets of the shakes

By the time I got down to writing this review, they have introduced a new flavour which is the Earl Grey milk tea and this time round, they are sold in packs of 10s in this huge bumper packaging instead of the boxes

The shakes come in these cute portable pouches with a turn cap and weighs only 40g so it is super easy to bring them around all day. Each shake is also super low on calories ranging from 150kcal to 160kcal depending on the flavour

The way to enjoy the shake is to add water to the pouches with just water till the line indicated at the back of the pack which you can see in the above picture. The choice of cold water, milk or room temperature water is purely your choice

I took one of the Injeolmi pouches and poured out the contents which includes powdered milk, muesli, cereal, multigrain, soybean powder, vitamin A,B,C and E. The powder is very fine and I do not see any sugar in it. The round pearly bits are the cereal and muesli

I measured out the amount of water needed in a 300ml cup and it fill up to half of the cup

After mixing the powder in, you get a rather liquid milky drink filled with these crunchy round bits which floats at the top of the drink

For the taste review, the drink is surprisingly very delicious and taste like a milky latte drink more than a shake as it is not very thick. There is no fake milk powder taste and the drink is actually quite sweet even though sugar is not part of the ingredients. The cereal and muesli gave the drink a nice texture so you get to bite through crunchy bits while enjoying the drink

Personally, I feel that chocolate is the best tasting as there is a rich chocolate flavour whereas the Injeolmi ones taste like the popular misugaru latte (mixed grains) drink from Korea. The matcha one has a slight bitter taste to it because of the matcha powder whereas the new earl grey flavour has a very light tea taste. Cold water is generally recommended compared to room temperature water to make it a more delicious drink and the water level can be adjusted to personal preferences; more water for a less sweet drink or less water for those who have a sweet tooth

To give the drink a thicker taste and consistency, I tried using milk instead of water and it does gives the drink a slight boost with a much milkier taste. However, using milk will definitely add on to the calories of the drink. For those on diet, you can also choose almond milk or the lesser calories milk substitutes to give it the milky boost

In terms of using this as a meal replacement, if you are jumping onto this program to lose weight from your usual huge meal intake, this will definitely not be very filling for you. I feel that this worked well for me when I have already adjusted my stomach to smaller meals. One pouch is able to last me at least 4 hours and if you feel peckish, you can make another pouch for a snack since the calories is considerably low

For those who are not on a diet, these can also be good for busy days on the go when you need a quick snack or those late nights when you crave something sweet, the shakes are very easy to make with just the addition of cold water which is easily accessible. Best part is due to the low calories, you can snack on without guilt. A small tip to note is to store the pouches in the fridge to keep it fresh as the temperature in Singapore is very high. The drinks definitely taste better fresh as the crunch of the muesli is not lost. Those pouches I kept longer at room temperature, I realised that the muesli do go soft and lose the crunch. . I am already onto my 3rd order and I always have 1 pouch in my bag for a quick meal and I have convinced my sister to buy this as well

*This is not a sponsored post and all items are purchased by me

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