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It is always a hassle to change to a new pair of spectacles from the choosing of the frame to the testing of the eyes and it is really tough to get affordable but good spectacles. Recently, I had to make a new pair as my current spectacles broke and since I have been seeing Owndays outlets all over the island with many different promotions, I decided to give it a try.


Owndays is a Japan owned company with a history of more than 10 years. It nearly went through bankruptcy in 2008 until the current president and CEO invested in the company. With the new investment, the company went on to open it’s 100th store in Japan in 2011 and introduce their no extra costs for High Index Aspheric lenses in 2012. With a booming business, Owndays opened their first outlet in Singapore Plaza SG in 2013. The company then went through rapid growth with the opening of more stores across the world with stores in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sydney, Indonesia, Netherlands, India, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.


The concept of the store is simple and straightforward with clean and bright layouts and neat rows of displays for customer to choose their spectacles.


The system that makes them unique is one of the factor for their popularity; simple price plan with no extra cost for high index aspheric lenses, most spectacles are processed in 20 mins for same day collection, all of Owndays glasses are in house brand designs and lastly a strong after sales service and warranty system.


Once you pick your pair of spectacles, the staff will get you to fill up a details form for your particulars before issuing you with a queue number for the eye test. There are 2 stations for the eye test, the first being the machines where your basic short sighted or long sighted power is being recorded. The 2nd station where you get tested with the detailed alphabets for your astigmatism and other symptoms.


This is the lens bar where they keep all the different lenses. If your lens is available, you can collect them after 20 mins. If you require special lenses, you will only be able to collect them 2 weeks later. After the eye test, you will make your payment here and you will be issue the warranty slip and receipt.


The lens bar and work shop is open concept so you can look at the staff fitting your lenses while they work. When you return to collect your spectacles, they will help to do the fitting and make sure you are ok with the spectacles


When you collect your spectacles, you will be given, the warranty paper, you receipt as well as a small Ownday story card. Owndays provide complimentary repair or exchange of your frames should there be any manufacturing defects within one year of purchase. A one-time complimentary change of lens degree if you experience discomfort in your vision within the first year of purchase. Free exchange to regular lenses if you are unable to get used to progressive glasses. Free exchange to regular lenses if colour lenses are not suitable. Free lifetime fitting, cleaning and maintenance services for your OWNDAYS glasses

Everything is packed into this small envelope which makes it convenient for keeping.


The boxes provided are also of great quality with a smooth silky feel to the touch although my only gripe is that white boxes will get dirty sooner.


Each box comes with a soft cloth for the cleaning of your spectacles


Lastly, everything is fitted precisely into this cute little paper bag.

Overall, my experience at Owndays has its good and bad. To share the good first, the process was really quite fuss free and because my first visit was on a weekday, it was fairly quick and easy to get my eye test and my first pair of spectacles done. I had 2 pairs being done as there was a promotion for the 2nd pair. My first visit was totally impressive and I would totally recommend them.

Now the bad, after wearing my first pair for 2 weeks, I kept experiencing headaches and I had to squint to read signboards so I suspected that my astigmatism is not measured correctly. So while visiting to collect my 2nd pair, I gave the staff feedback about my first pair and the staff said he would adjust the curve of the lens. After doing so, the spectacles was totally wrong as I could see nothing at all and there was obviously something wrong with the lens. Not knowing what to do, he suggested to get another eye test and gave me another queue number. This time, I waited for 20-30mins before getting to my turn. I did the basic test and explained the situation to the 2nd staff so he took the glasses to do a check. To my horror, he said the first time round, the staff got the power of the lens wrong which explains my headaches and squinting. I am really quite shocked as I wore this wrong pair for 2 weeks. He ensured me he will get it changed immediately which rectified the problem.

My after thoughts are this, with the fast growth of the company, how strict are their selection on their optometrists and opticians and with their promise of 20 mins collection, how detailed and careful are their staff to make sure that they hand out the correct glasses with the correct lens? The error might be small like mine ( the staff explained that the power difference is very small) but it gave me discomfort for 2 weeks and if things were to get worse, I could have been in an accident if I drove? I think this would be my last visit to Owndays because I think it is an unacceptable mistake being made and while I applaud their honesty in admitting the mistake ( other stores might have avoided telling their customers the truth) I fear another mistake

Update ( 2022) – I have since made another 2 pairs of spectacles with Owndays; one for my mum and another for myself as I lost my reading spectacles, this time round, I experienced the same fuss-free process from choosing the design of my frame to getting my eyes testing. The staff attending to me and my mum were a lot more experienced and we have no problems with our glasses so far

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-50A VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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