Silverkris Lounge Taoyuan Airport

The Silverkris lounge is at Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International airport and is clustered together with the other lounges right after you cleared immigrations. Once you get up on the 2nd floor, you will pass an over crowded lounge catering to Plaza Premium customers as well as Eva Air customer before passing a general food court open to all passengers and another row of massage parlours before reaching the Silver Kris lounge. Tucked at the corner, the lounge looks exclusive and quiet.


The registration counter was empty which is uncommon for SQ lounges in airports around Asia. You can spot the typical Orchids and warm brown décor of Singapore airline lounges which is consistent in all their lounges.


As I passed the counter, there is a long narrow stretch of lounge chairs and tables suitable for passengers who prefer to be away from the noise and buzz of the main lounge.


The main lounge area has a lot of more seating; the same lounge chairs at the side nearer to the window as well as rows of arm chairs facing the only TV in the lounge as well as higher tables for customers to eat comfortably.


The center marbled high tables and chairs were suitable for passenger to either enjoy their meals or work on their laptops.


The main food buffet area is located at the back of the lounge with a full table with electric pots of  soups, congee and red bean dessert soup.


Another long table with servings of rice, stir fry vegetables as well as other meat dishes.


For passengers who prefer a light bite, there is also a table to cater to biscuits, cakes and sandwiches


For drinks, there is a small counter which has a few bottles of alcohol catering to passengers who would like to make their own cocktails. There is also the usual coffee machines, fruits as well as hot water dispensing machine.


The huge refrigerator at the side has cold sandwiches, fruits, yoghurts, soda, fruit juices, milk teas as well as jugs of  fruit infused water prepared by the lounge.


There were 2 soup selections which is the radish pork bone soup and the bak kut teh soup. It is really comforting to have the soup as they are both kept at lukewarm temperature and it really warms the body before taking a flight. The quality of the soup is just ok.


The minced pork rice which is the national dish of Taiwan was simply great. In fact, it was the best one I had in Taiwan so far and probably because I was on a business trip, I did not have chance to try too many minced pork rice. The pork was semi fatty with a good mix of fats and lean meat and the gravy itself was strong in flavour and complemented the rice extremely well.


The red bean soup dessert was mildly sweet and refreshing and was a great finish to the meal.



Special Taiwanese packet drinks like this can also be found in the fridge and although I would have tried the milk tea or papaya milk, I was too full.

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I have forgotten to take a picture of the toilet as there were other passengers and it could be quite rude to take their pictures. Basically, it is quite clean and not too big with separate toilet and shower areas. As with other lounges, to use the shower rooms, you can contact the staff who will open the doors for you.

Overall, the SilverKris lounge at Taoyuan Terminal 2 is average as compared to some of the other Krisflyer lounges in other Asia countries. The only thing which stood out was that the lounge was totally quite and I was the 2nd passenger in the lounge when I entered. Although it started to get more crowded as I was leaving, it is still one of the most empty SQ lounge I have visited. Some of the food was great like the minced meat rice and dessert and some were just mediocre. The entire environment was very relaxing although it did take the staff some time to refill food and clear dishes.






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