Birds of Paradise

Due to our sweltering weather in Singapore, ice cream or gelato is always a welcomed dessert for both young and old. There are so many cafes or ice cream parlours all over the island but a Michelin guide recommended ice cream is totally unheard of before Birds of Paradise.

Inspired by the botanical flavours of nature, Birds of Paradise creates their gelato flavours using fruits, flowers, nuts, herbs and spices for unique flavours not found elsewhere. The first outlet at East Coast received the 2019 Michelin Plate for their white chrysanthemum and lychee raspberry flavours. When the 2nd outlet was opened at Jewel, the crowd queuing up was equally long and continuous

To be honest, I did not know much of this gelato store unless my nieces bugged me into buying them ice cream while we were visiting Jewel and so I joined the queue which was pretty fast moving. While queuing, you can look at the staff making the freshly baked cones from the open view glass panels

The staff making the cones was so experienced that a cone was made in a matter of 30 secs. The buttery aroma of the cone baking filled up the air while queueing.

There was a total of 4 staff at the counter, 1 in charge of payment and 2 other in charge of scooping the gelato for customers and the last one nearest to the cone baking room cools and refills ready cones.

There was a total of 18 flavours with the most famous and popular ones being the white chrysanthemum and lychee raspberry

There was always some very interesting flavours like basil, strawberry basil, lemongrass ginger, masala spice and pandan which is uniquely Singapore in flavour but never seen in gelato flavours

We ordered the dark chocolate sorbet, lychee raspberry and pistachio as seen here. Each single scoop costs SGD 4.70 and double scoop for SGD 7.70 while an extra $1 for the thyme cone. Firstly, the cones are freshly baked and are very well done, it is crispy and buttery with a light tinge of thyme flavour which the kids are not a fan but I loved how it balances the sweetness of the gelato. The texture of the gelato itself is very creamy and smooth and the overall sweetness of all the flavours are very balanced without anyone that is too much. The dark chocolate sorbet has a small hint of bitter notes from the dark chocolate but was not overwhelming. The lychee raspberry and pistachio were both very creamy and while the raspberry was very refreshing, the pistachio had a nice earthy nutty taste.

I ordered the white chrysanthemum and roasted black sesame since I am not an adventurous enough to try the ones with the spices. I was pretty disappointed with my choices as they were both too light. The roasted nutty and creamy characteristics of the black sesame was missing and tasted more like a black sesame flavoured vanilla gelato. I was having high expectations of the white chrysanthemum but I could hardly taste the familiar chrysanthemum flavours. The overly lightness of the flavour reminded me of a 3rd refill pot of chrysanthemum tea while having dim sum. It is like there but hardly there. I liked that it is not sweet which makes it suitable for elderly and people avoiding sweet diets but it would be perfect if they could bring out the fragrance note of the flower slightly more.

Looking at their website, I would be very interested to try the rose and peach sorbet and the sea salt hojicha as both flavours really sounds delicious and perhaps I could try them at the first outlet. Overall, they do have some pretty nice gelato and with a reasonable price per scoop so I don’t mind having them again if there is no queue.

Address:  78 Airport Blvd., #01-214 215/216, Singapore 819666

Operating hours: 12 pm to 10 pm

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