Echire Maison Du Beurre

This came highly recommended in the magazine we bought introducing all popular eats in Tokyo and the best seller is the croissants which are usually sold up within a few hours of operation. As a big croissant fan, my friend had to visit them to give it a try but when she got there, the croissant was already sold out so she bought some other goodies for us to try.


There is a super long queue at all times so the trick is to get there as early as possible and the best is to arrive as the first few customers


When you get into the store, you can see stacks and stacks of Madeleine and Financier. All of the pastries made in this shop is made with Echire butter. For those who do not know about Echire butter, it is known as one of the best butters in France and served in the finest dining establishments. It is also the world’s most exclusive and expensive butter, loved by chefs and served in many of the world’s most famous restaurants


There are also cream butter cakes and tarts being sold in the store but as usual there is limited quantities with the exception of the Madeleine and Financier which are sold throughout the day.


For fans, they sell cloth bags with the logo of their store. They also sell ice cream in tubs made with the famous butter


The bakery chef is continuously baking the goodies for customers to buy so you are constantly attacked by the freshly baked pastry smell from the oven when you are in the store.


The box used to pack the cakes in is this sweet blue and white design and comes with a sticker to inform you when to finish your cake as well as the temperature to keep your cake.


The butter cake is layered between Echire rice butter cream and dusted with powdered sugar on the surface. The cake was soft and dense and the butter cream was very fragrant and buttery.


For the Madeleine and Financier, they are priced at ¥324 each and can be bought either in a gift box; for a box of 5 at ¥1836, box of 10 at ¥3456 and box of 15 at ¥5076. They also sell them in pretty gift baskets; for a basket of 5 at ¥1782, box of 10 at ¥3456 and basket of 15 at ¥5184. You can also buy them in take away paper bags like this one


I had the Madeleine first which is quite buttery yet very light and spongey. The Madeleine is very fragrant and has the great taste of the Echire butter and is not too sweet


The Financier on the hand was buttery and sweet and is extremely out of this world. The cake tasted buttery with a sweet honey texture and slight almond flavour which is not over powering so even my friend who hates almonds liked it. The cake was very moist and addictive so I swear I could gobble up 10 of these in one seating.

Photo Credits: Echire Maison Website

I found this picture on the website so we can have a look at the super sought after croissants. After the mind blowing Financier, I am very interested to try their croissant on my next trip to Japan even if it means being the first customer to queue.

Overall, I think they serve very quality butter pastries and indeed the Echire butter gives all these pastry a more intense and classy buttery taste which is extremely fragrance without the oily taste of the usual butter. Other than trying the croissants, for sure I will buy loads of their Financier home.

Address: Japan, 〒100-6901 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Marunouchi, 2 Chome−6−1 丸の内ブリックスクエア1F

Operating hours: 10 am to 8 pm




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