Matsuya Shinjuku Kabukicho

Looking for cheap eats for supper in Shinjuku? Fret not as there is always a Matsuya outlet nearby. Matsuya is a chain of Japanese fast food restaurant serving rice bowls the speed of MacDonald’s serving their burgers.


At the entrance of every store, you can find the ticket machine for you to buy your order ticket. There is pictorial representation for all of the menu so it is not difficult to order


You can choose any seat at the counter which is usually shaped like a U with one service staff in the middle who will take your order tickets and start preparing your order. The staff will prepare any salad or soup from his station


The rice bowls and more complicated side dishes are made in the inner kitchen


Each section of the counter has a tray of sauces and condiments for customers to add onto their rice bowls. There is also napkins and complimentary drinking water provided.


This is the usual beef bowl set which comes with a raw egg, soup as well as toppings of onions which is filled to the brim of the bowl.


I had the seared pork bowl which did not have egg so I added an additional egg as well as paid extra to upgrade my miso soup to a pork and radish soup


Unlike the beef bowl which has a good amount of gravy from the beef, the pork bowl is pretty dry as the pork is seared and not braised. I like to add on the raw egg and add on some soy sauce from the side and mix it all up. The bowl itself is not a gourmet dish but it is simple and satisfying enough for supper or cheap lunch


The soup itself is very refreshing and tasty as there is radish and pork added. The base has a light miso taste but it is not as salty as the normal miso soup given with the normal set.

Overall, fast food is never considered gourmet food and the quality is always fixed at a general acceptable level. Although it is not a famous restaurant, Matsuya remains as one of my favourite spots for a meal if I am looking for a warm filling supper or cheap affordable lunch or just anytime of the day for a quick meal.

Address: 1 Chome-22-8 Kabukicho, 新宿区 Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0021, Japan

Operating hours: 24 hours

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