With working from home becoming more common, many friends tell me that they end up working much longer hours than in the office. With such long hours sitting in the same position often gives most of us pains and aches all over. This is when you start missing the cheap and good massage sessions in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. I have never really searched for a good massage place in Singapore since very cheap ones are really shabby and good ones are really expensive.

However, in the absence of travel, I needed a body massage so badly that I was willing to part with more money as long as the experience was good. It was by chance that I found out about Natureland massage group with many outlets all over Singapore. The outlet that I chanced upon was the newest and biggest one at Orchard Liat Towers. Stepping into the outlet, your senses are immediately welcomed by the familiar lemongrass scent in the air you get from those Bangkok massage places.

The entire place is done up in a way that it transports you to a comfortable and relaxing villa somewhere out of Singapore.

The most eye catching décor of the outlet is the spiral staircase and fountain which really reminds me of the Healthland group in Thailand.

At the corner is a rest area for guest waiting for their timeslot or for guest to relax after their massage.

Guests can also get a cup of their hot ginger brown sugar tea at their self service counter.

The 2nd floor of the outlet has more treatments rooms dedicated to facial services as this particular outlet offers facial services by DRX.

I visited a total of 3 outlets and the rooms are basically the same except for the size of the outlet and the services being offered. This is the one at MBS with a smaller reception area and resting area. There are also no chinese treatment services like cupping and gua sha offered here.

This is the outlet at River Valley Point which is probably similar in size with the MBS one. There are also certain services available here only. So if you are looking for a particular service, do call and check if the outlet provides the service. All outlets do offer the basic massages.

All of the outlets has a small area dedicated to selling some of their facial and spa products as well as their ginger tea.

The interiors are all done in deep brown warm tones and cosy orange lightings to make their guests feel relaxed.

The treatment rooms for body massages are pretty small for single beds

The couple rooms with 2 beds are slightly bigger with an attached bathroom for customers doing body scrub to clean up the scrub

I really loved the massage rooms for foot massages as there are several rooms filled with 4 to 8 huge comfy armchairs like those you can find in gold class movie theatres. It is the perfect setting for a group of friends to chill out and relax together. For customers who visit by themselves, there are also singular sofa available

For those doing only head and shoulder massages, they will be led to these sitting massage chairs located at private corners of the outlet for privacy

The toilet is brightly lit and very well maintained. Most importantly, the floor is dry and there is no ungodly scent

This auto changing toilet seat cover is really quite amazing as there is no need to accidentally touch the seat while changing the seat cover. In my opinion, this should be used in all public areas especially during these times where hygiene is very important

Now, my review on the massage itself. Like most foot massages, they begin by giving you a traditional herbal foot soak which helps to relieve all the tiredness in the feet. For those who are wearing jeans, they also provide a change of loose comfortable clothes to change into for your massage to be more relaxing.

As for the body massage, they will proceed to ask you to remove your clothes and lie on the warm heated bed which is great in an air-conditioned room. Most of the time, it gets really cold during a massage because of the air-conditioning but because of the heated bed, I was kept warm enough.

For the techniques used, they actually have different masseurs from different countries so each and every experience differs. This is the same even if you have your massage done overseas, getting the best masseur is purely by luck. I had a Thai lady do my body massage and scrub at the MBS outlet and the entire experience was mediocre as the strength used during the scrub was too light so I felt nothing was exfoliated while the strength for the massage itself was too strong and I ended up with some blue blacks even after multiple times of me telling her to lessen her strength. My friend who did the same body massage with a Thai masseur had an enjoyable session.

For my foot massage done at River Valley Point and Liat Towers, they were both done by male masseurs from China and they both gave a fairly good massage. So if you do experience a good massage, make sure to note the name of the masseur and always book your slot with them.

Overall, the service standards of Natureland massage group is good and professional and most importantly, the environment is extremely comfortable and relaxing. While the price tag is definitely heftier than those overseas ones, they are still relatively cheaper than those hotel or branded spa groups. The next time, you are missing a massage because you cannot travel to Bangkok or Bali, book a slot with Natureland for your short escape.

Address: Click here for full outlet details and operating hours

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