For the People

Every month, there are new cafes popping up in every area of Singapore and when café hopping was a popular activity 4 years back, I visited a new café every other weekend. Back in those days, many of the cafes just provided very instagrammable venues but with mediocre food and drinks. Many of those cafes have already closed down and those who have survived continue to have a constant crowd following. In the past year, a new batch of cafes have started sprouting out with minimalist décor but offering relatively scrumptious food and drinks.

I kind of chanced upon this café located on Hamilton road, around the Jalan Besar area. Discreetly nestled along a row of shophouses just a stone throw away from the famous Chye Seng Huat, For the People is a modern minimalist designed café offering good fried chicken and waffles.

The café is quite huge with the front section dressed like a cosy living room space for lounging and chilling with Muji styled grey and brown furnishings.

Past the lounging space, you can see the service counter, coffee bar as well as the cashier and some booth seats in the same earth tones.

As you venture deeper into the café, you can find more regular table seating for those of you who prefers a standard table height for work or meals. There are a plenty power source throughout the café for people who need to clear some work on the go.

It was a pity that when I visited, the kitchen was closed and I could only go for drinks and desserts. I opted for very generic mint tea which was served in a pot with a small biscotti for SGD 6.50

The hot chocolate priced at SGD 6.50 also came with a biscotti and a whole bunch of marshmallows. The flavour of the hot chocolate was creamy and tasted like a mild milk chocolate drink. Personally, I love very thick chocolate drinks so this was slightly milky for me

The mocha priced at SGD 7 came with the usual latte art and tasted quite decent

We also ordered the chocolate lava cake with ice cream as it is the only item they had left that night

The consistency of the lava cake was good with the instant lava chocolate flowing out once we cut into the cake. The cake itself was very balanced in density and paired well with the ice cream on the sides.

For the People have quite an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner so I would probably return to try their mains again. The staff are also very attentive to our needs and are generally friendly and helpful. The dessert and drinks we had was quite ok not doubt not extremely outstanding in a gourmet point of view but the calm and peaceful atmosphere makes it a nice place to pass some thing doing work or just chilling

Address: 11 Hamilton Rd, #01-00, Singapore 209182

Operating hours: 9.30 am to 10 pm

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