Wo Hing Dried Goods

Chinese love their dried goods and especially so during festive periods like Chinese New Year. Dried goods are used in many Chinese dishes like clay pot rice, yang chow fried rice as well as steam glutinous rice. In order to make great dishes, it is important that the sausages are made with the best grade ingredients.


Located along the famous dried seafood street of Hong Kong is Wo Hing Preserved Meat Dealers, a family owned store which has been selling different types of preserved sausages, preserved meat and preserved duck since the 1950s. They make their own brand of sausages in their factory instead of importing them from China. One of their popular preserved sausages is made from pork fat, meat, rosewater and rice wine.


Most of the meats and sausages are sold by weight and you can find sausages, waxed drumsticks, waxed ham as well as preserved eggs as well.


The prices of the sausages is between HKD 170 to 280 for 600 grams and there are a variety of pork sausages with fats, without fats, duck liver sausage and even goose live sausages for everyone.

If you are a cook or simply love cooking at home, do drop by Wo Hing to get some of the waxed or preserved meats to make that next Chinese dish extremely flavourful.

Address: Welland Building, Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan Exit A2

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