For Kee Restaurant

Some of the best food discoveries are not from blogs or magazines but from locals who stay in the neighbourhood and patronise the store daily like your hood’s coffeeshop or cafe.

For Kee is one such cafe serving simple indiscreet food yet so satisfying and delicious. Daily there is a long queue formed mostly by locals just for their pork chop rice. They do serve other cafe delights like toast and noodles but the soul of For Kee is their pork chop

They open as early 7am and get sold out by 4pm. The store is very small and there is nothing fanciful about it but just down to earth cafe settings with a few tables and chairs.

The pork chop is fairly huge in size and is drenched in a thick savoury sauce. The cherry of the pie is the runny sunny side egg which has a light drizzle of dark soy. ( Photo courtesy of Lawrence)

In the essence of time, we packed the pork chop rice back to the hotel instead of queuing at the store. There might be arguments that there is nothing special about the dish. Personally, it reminded me of a lovely home cooked meal by my mother. In fact, all my travel mates felt it gave them that nostalgic taste as well. Nothing fanciful but yet simple delicious and satisfying like a home cooked lunch after school. The pork chop itself is not too tough and juicy enough although not the best part of the pig was used for the chop. The egg we got was imperfect as well but the overall sauce drizzled on the rice and chop itself was bursting with umami flavours.

For those expecting a good western pork chop like those you get in restaurants, this is not for you. But come here expecting a good homely meal and this would be one of the best meal in Hong Kong.

Address: 200 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Operating hours: 7 am to 4.30 pm

Nearest station: Sheung Wan MTR

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