Star Coffee House and Restaurant

Kluang may be a small sleepy town developing at it’s own pace but there are some very good restaurant serving fantastic food. Star Coffee House and Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurant in Kluang and is my favourite restaurant there too

There is no surprise for the interior of the restaurant with carpet floors, huge round tables and satin covered chairs and the odd lantern and Chinese paintings at different spots.

The menu was very extensive with dishes in many categories. The offerings were typical of a full fledge Chinese restaurant catering to weddings and birthday gatherings.

One of their signature dish is their fried duck which comes with fluffy steamed buns. The duck reminds me of a properly done duck confeit with crispy skin and flavourful meat.

The shredded meat can be put inside these fluffy slightly sweet buns with cucumber and a savoury sauce. The method of eating resembles Peking duck except you eat the shredded meat together. The cucumber and sauce balances the dryness of the fried duck and makes a great combination.

Their next signature dish is this curry prawn which comes with fried buns for dipping of the sauce. The sauce is quite heavy with coconut cream and taste very milky and mildly spicy. They are pretty generous with their servings of prawns and they are fresh and succulent.

The steamed cooked chicken is a familiar sight on many tables and the way it is cooked here is not very different. However, the chicken in Kluang are mostly range free and thus this dish taste extremely good here. Each piece of chicken is bursting with the natural taste of the meat unlike the one in Singapore which depends heavily on sauces and condiments. We order this dish every where in Kluang but Star does it exceptionally well with perfectly cooked chicken which is tender and juicy but with no blood left. It is easy to over or under cook this dish resulting in bloody meat or tough meat.

We had the steamed fish with sweet pickled vegetables. The fish was huge and fresh with a good spring to the flesh while the gravy was sweet and savoury from the soy sauce and pickled vegetables.

The last dish which was broccoli with baby abalone clams was good but pretty general.

Overall, I always enjoy my meals here and it makes my happier to know the bill is in instantly divided by 3 in the exchange rate.

Address: No. 10 & 12, Jalan Sultanah, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 11 am to 3pm 6pm to 10.30 pm

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