Mom’s Touch Chicken and Burger

After my not-so-satisfied fried chicken take-away experience, I made sure I had another fried chicken meal before I left Seoul and luckily we had an outlet of Mom’s touch right below our hotel

With over 1300 stores locally, Mom’s Touch is the number 1 chicken and burger brand in Korea and aims to offer hearty meals to their customers with a touch of home like a mother’s home-cooked meal without monosodium glutamate or use of trans fat oil. Mom’s touch opened its first outlet in Singapore in 2019 but unfortunately due to the pandemic and other issues, they have since closed all outlets in Singapore

I had never tried Mom’s Touch even when they were in Singapore as I found the price quite pricey, so when I was in Seoul, I ensured we tried their fried chicken and burgers. The indoor seating was spacious but relatively limited and it was a little stuffy inside as it was nearing Winter when I visited

We decided to grab a table in the outdoor area which was airier and cooler, The outdoor seats are not exclusive to Mom’s Touch as there were other restaurants around the area and customers could bring their food from any of the restaurants and have it at the outdoor space

For the fried chicken, we ordered the half-half combo which has the yangnyeom ( spicy sauce) and the original fried chicken. There were about 6 to 7 pieces per flavour and they were freshly fried when served. I was biting into the chicken and it was steaming hot with an extremely crispy crust. Even though the yangnyeom had sauce nicely coating the chicken, the skin was still incredibly crispy to the bite. The yangnyeom is nice with a sweet and savoury sauce that carries quite a bit of heat but personally, I prefer the original without sauce. The chicken meat is extremely succulent which is totally different from those you get in Singapore. I am not sure if it is Mom’s touch or just Korean chicken is a lot more juicy and delicious when fried

We also ordered the chicken thigh burger which has the same crispy and juicy chicken thigh patty combined with a soft bun, lettuce, bacon and barbeque sauce. With the humongous size of the chicken patty, it was quite messy trying to eat the burger but well worth the mess and calories. The burger managed to satisfy the cravings for fried chicken in the shape of a comforting burger

Lastly, they had a lot of sides as well, so we ordered cheese fries, nuggets and cream corn. Their drinks menu was also very interesting with choices not found in the usual Singaporean fast food like green grape ade, mango ade and cider which we ordered. The sides are also generally good and did not disappoint. The fries were crispy outside but a nice soft inside and the nuggets tasted like proper chicken meat. Some of the drinks were a bit too sweet, especially the ade, so if you like non-sweet drinks, I recommend getting the cider like me.

Overall, I am totally bought over by Mom’s Touch and I can understand why it is popular in Korea. After trying Mom’s Touch, I could never enjoy fried chicken the same way in Singapore anymore. I cannot be sure if all Korean fried chicken is as good since the one I had on the previous night was slightly soggy due to it being a take-out. However, I can safely conclude that having a great fried chicken meal in Korea is definitely more affordable and more enjoyable

Address: 20 Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Operating hours: 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

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