Egg Drop

When you think about breakfast toast, eggs are somewhat always part of the offering on the side as poached, scrambled or fried. Launched in 2017, Egg Drop is Korea’s first premium gourmet egg sandwich offering fluffy scrambled egg sandwiches nationwide. With more than 250 stores in Korea, the brand has expanded to overseas outlets in the United States, Europe and some parts of Asia

I first heard of Egg Drop when photos of these beautiful sandwiches started floating on the internet in 2018 because of an outlet opening in Paya Lebar. Upon further understanding, the outlet opened in Singapore is called Egg Stop which is probably an inspired chain by the original Egg Drop in Korea. While the 2 brands are not related, the sandwiches look very similar but with the Singapore version offering more localised flavours. While I have not eaten at Egg Stop myself, I made it a point to visit the original Egg Drop when I was in Seoul and there was just 1 very close to my hotel in Dongdaemun

Egg Drop occupies a standalone building which is very close to exit 14 of the Dongdaemun Culture and history park subway station

The building spans 2 stories with a self-service ordering kiosk located just outside the entrance which has a few different languages to cater to locals and tourists. Those who are unsure of using the machine to order can also do so via the counter managed by the staff. The first floor has very seating; only a bar counter with high stools facing out to the streets

On the 2nd floor, the are indoor and outdoor seating with the majority of tables being outdoors as a portion of the indoor area is dedicated to a self-service tray return and rubbish disposal area. As we visited in November, it was quite chilly to sit outdoors but at the same time, it was airy and nice with free air. Each order was given an order number which will be shown on the electronic screen on both the first and 2nd floors. The entire building decor reminds me of the old-school American diner concept with the use of high bar stools and red interiors

There is a huge variety of sandwiches available and you can view the menu here. We ordered the Avo bacon K-street toast, Mr Egg and the Avo Holic and made each order a set which came with a hash brown and a choice of drink as an add-on cost. The hash browns were very crispy outside and soft inside and the drinks were creamy and smooth for both the ice chocolate and matcha latte

The sandwiches have a nice buttered and toasted brioche bread which is exclusively developed by the brand. The sandwiches are perfect for photo taking but can be quite messy when eating as most of the ingredients are stuffed into the sandwich from the top so you can end up with no ingredients towards the bottom of the sandwich. Ingredients-wise, the eggs were extremely fluffy, creamy and smooth which was the star of the sandwich itself. For the other toppings like the bacon, ham and avocados, they were pretty standard.

Overall, the sandwiches at Egg Drop make for a very fulfilling breakfast and is a perfect place to enjoy your breakfast on holiday although you have to be prepared for messy hands if you have a small bite like me. In comparison to other sandwich options in Korea, Egg Drop is more of an upgrade version in addition to being a visual treat to the cameras

Address: South Korea, 기승빌딩 B 동 KR 서울특별시 중구 을지로 255 에그드랍

Operating hours: 7 am to 10 pm

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