Lotte World

For K-drama addicts like me, Lotte World would have come out many times in different dramas and most people even adults love visiting amusement parks as you can be like a child for 1 day. Although I have been to Seoul multiple times, my previous travel mates all did not want to visit Lotte World so this was my first time visiting with my nephew and friend

We booked our tickets via Klook for savings of more than 30% and you can also purchase the fast pass via Klook for approximately SGD 10 for 1 fast pass. There was a 1 fast pass option for an additional SGD 4 when I purchase my tickets but is no longer available

You are required to exchange a physical ticket with the booking ticket from Klook to enter Lotte World. There is only 1 place to do the exchange at the Wild Tour gate. We took the Line 2 subway to Jamsil Station and came out of Exit 4 and walk through the entire Lotte Mall to get to the Wild Tour Gate. It is an 8 to 10 mins walk and there are very clear signs in English leading to the wild tour gate so it is quite easy to locate the entrance

Once you pass the Wild Tour Gate, you will pass a couple of indoor rides followed by indoor rides for children like the giant flower rides. There is also a huge indoor ice skating ring right in the middle of the attached mall to the amusement park. There is a shop where you can rent Korean School uniforms to blend in with the students visiting the park and also get a feel of being the main character in a K-drama

The indoor part of Lotte World has many different rides in different areas and can be quite confusing if you do not really refer to the map. Some of the rides I really likes were the hot air balloon ride, fly venture, wild valley and pharaoh’s fury. There were some we wanted to visit but were not open and also some rides where the queue was super long. We used our single fast pass on the balloon ride which was a waste as we spent 1.5 to 2 hours just queueing for pharaoh’s fury

The outdoor part of Lotte World has a Disney-inspired castle where many people queue up to get the perfect picture. The more thrilling rides are also located in the outdoor part like the Gyro Swing, Bungee Drop, Swing Tree and Gyro Drop. The haunted castle is also located in this part. We gave all these rides a miss because we can’t really take thrilling rides and the queues were absolutely crazy in this part of the park

This is the Swing Tree in action

As we stayed the entire day in the park, we got to witness the park lighting up which was extremely magical and pretty. We also did the moon boat which was a self-controlled boat where you can drive around the lake for 10 mins to just see the surrounding lights and buildings

Overall, there were many rides to explore in Lotte World and while in my opinion, you cannot really compare it to Disney amusement parks, Lotte does have their own charm and is worth a visit. The food is quite reasonably priced in Lotte World unlike Disney and you can find quite a huge variety of cuisines. The only complaint I have about the park is I find the layout planning quite messy and confusing as we had to walk around quite aimlessly looking for rides and areas are not demarcated in the best way. If you are into rides and wish to do as many rides as possible – do purchase a fast pass and enter the park early enough and conquer the outdoor rides before the sky turns dark before covering the indoor rides

Address: 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Operating hours: 10.30 am to 8 pm ( 8.30 pm for Fri to Sun)

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