Shanghai – Lotte World Chinese Restaurant

There are plenty of dining options in Lotte World and most people would go for the fast food options like burgers and fried chicken or even items like hotdog bun from the food carts. As we were tired from an entire day of walking, we wanted to settle down at one of the restaurants for a proper meal

We walked past this restaurant many times while heading around the park to the different rides and since we had not had any Chinese meal in Korea yet, we decided to settle down here for dinner

The menu only has a few items; mainly jjajangmyeon noodles ( number 4), sweet and sour pork (number 11) and jjamppong noodles ( number 6) and fried rice. The price range is pretty reasonable given it is located within an amusement park

The restaurant is a full self-serve concept where you place the order at the counter and cashier and you will be given a beeper to collect your food once it is ready. There is also a counter where you can pick up your utensils, side dishes like pickled radish and kimchi and iced water on a complimentary basis

On the side, we ordered the mianbaoxia which is a fried shrimp paste sandwich dish served with sweet and sour sauce on the side. The toast is fried to golden brown and extremely crispy with creamy shrimp filling inside. While the entire toast is fried, it is not too oily and the only downside is there could have been more shrimp filling and I could not really taste much flavour from the shrimp

This was a mistake on me as we wanted to order the sweet and sour pork but ended up ordering the spicy deep-fried chicken in garlic sauce which is the Kkanpunggi chicken. Which was a mistake, the chicken is quite delicious but on the spicy side so some of my companions could not really it. The chicken was fried to semi-crispy and coated with a spicy sauce which was quite nice for people who can take the heat. The meat was slightly dry and I needed water while eating it

Last but not least, we all ordered the jjajangmyeon which was quite a generous serving for the pricing and for small eaters, it is enough for 2 people to share as the noodles can get slightly greasy with the black bean sauce. The sauce was quite authentic with a thick consistency and the fragrance of the bean sauce was well infused into the noodles and meat. There were some cabbage and onions in the sauce and no visible meat or I could not really see any meat.

Overall, I found the food here quite affordable and tasty. While the noodles were not the best jjajangmyeon I have tasted in Korea, it is still quite palatable. It is a nice break from fast food which is widely available in the Lotte World amusement

You can find the restaurant here and they are open from 10 am to 9.40 pm

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