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The first time I heard about Nutrition Kitchen was from the TV ad that was playing pretty frequently. Their tagline ‘Never sacrifice on flavour’ caught my attention and before I knew it, I was googling on my phone for their website. Everyone who has been through a diet plan would know how difficult it is to eat right yet well. This is especially so for a foodie like me, keeping my calorie count in tab was one of the hardest things. I remember going through a period of calorie counting and eating only boiled and steamed food. I decided to give it a try by ordering 1 week of meal plan

On their website, you can select the most suitable meal plan by clicking on finding your plan. The find your plan process will go through a series of questions about your demographics and meal goals and they will recommend the correct meal plan for you

Those who are clear about their health goals can directly choose the one for them and select the number of meals and length of meal plan with reference to the meal price plan shown. As I was ordering this to try the food, I opted for the 1 week 2 meals plan. The minimum number of meals is 2 so you can choose which meal of the day you want the meal plan to cover

Once you select your meal plan, you can actually select which menu you want. As each meal is carefully curated to meet the calorie count, they are unable to provide any ingredients change due to dietary restrictions. Instead, you can look at their weekly menu beforehand and the ingredients used to select the meals you need. So for example, the plan I chose was breakfast and dinner but for days where they serve beef which I do not take, I will select lunch instead of dinner. I love the flexibility as it allows me to plan ahead of time for dinner out, gatherings or purely based on menu preference. Once, you finish all the selection, there is a choice of delivery in the morning on the same day vs the evening before. I selected the evening before and the meals have been delivered to me on the dot around 830pm everyday

On your selected delivery timing, you will get both meals delivered in these sustainable brown boxes which can be heated using the microwave. Each meal also clearly states the ingredients, nutrition facts and total calories per serving. My first breakfast was chicken breast and Turkish scrambled eggs with only 319 calories. At first glance, the meals look fresh even though it was prepared the day before. The breakfast has olives, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and some cheese. Overall, I liked that the flavours were very natural tasting and filling enough for breakfast

These are pictures of the breakfast I had as I ordered another 2 weeks of meals after the first week. Some of my favourites are the salmon Frittata, poached egg with Morrocan sauce and English big breakfast. They were so tasty, I could not believe they were all below 500 calories

These are some of the dinners I received over my 3 weeks order and some of my favourites include the Malaysian Assam fish curry, Laksa and Teriyaki chicken skewers. Most of the dinners are ok in taste probably because by the time I eat them, they are 1 day old and I might have overheated some of them so the pork dishes were quite tough. In terms of taste, they don’t taste like your usual low calories meals as most of them are quite flavourful

Overall, I really liked the meals from Nutrition Kitchen as every evening, I look forward to the delivery of the meals to see how each menu actually looks. Some meals do look better on the website but the meals are not horrible as well. Most importantly, I got to taste different kinds of cuisines but all with a controlled calorie intake which is something I could not achieve if I cooked for myself at home. The only downside for me will be the price per meal which is about SGD 15 per meal as I did not sign up for the subscription plans which could bring per meal down to SGD 12.73 per meal. ( 4 weeks plan on subscription). When you sign on to the subscription, it means you need to send a cancellation request or the subscription will be continued.

The reason why I picked Nutrition Kitchen and not the other healthy meals was the fact that it came in an eco-friendly brown box instead of the plastic sealed meals which did not look as fresh to me. This is a good choice for people looking to achieve a particular health goal via meals but is too busy to cook and prepare meals but do have a budget to spend on meals

To find out more, you can check out their website

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