Han Dynasty Massage

With travel restrictions lifted, many people are rushing to travel to Malaysia and Bangkok for affordable massages and good food. For those who cannot travel just yet, there are a few massage places you can visit to release those tight muscles

Located within Alexandra Village, Han Dynasty stands out from the surrounding neighbourhood stores as they exude an air of lush relaxation even from their entrance

The small reception area is fitted with 2 red wooden chairs for customers to sit and wait for their friends and the entire design of the space is Chinese historic to align with the name of the massage place. The space is kept clean, tidy and bright so you know this is a decent massage shop. It is greatly recommended to do a reservation in advance as they are quite popular and can run out of slots at popular timing and on weekdays

The Chinese decor extends to the corridor space which leads to the various treatment rooms; some with shower facilities and some without. There are different rooms for foot reflexology as well as full-body massages

This is my massage room which comes with a shower facility and a few hangers for you to hang your clothes. There is no cupboard or locker to put your bag or belongings so I ended up hanging it on the hanger area

Overall, my feeling about the place is that it is a fuss-free basic massage place which is trying its best to project a high-end spa experience. The fact is that the rooms and public places are all clean and tidy but it is just missing the elegance you find in higher-end massage places. The air conditioning was slightly cold in the rooms and the shower facilities were also basic. For the massage, I did a Ba Guan and normal aromatherapy massage and was allocated a Chinese masseur. She was pretty chatty and was skilful enough during the Ba guan but when it came to the massage, she was quite forceful even when I told her to lighten her strength. Lucky enough I did not get bruised from the massage but I felt some aches and pains over the next few days. As with every massage review, it is highly dependent on the masseur you get as my friend said their session was ok. The staff at the reception was friendly and no big issue was encountered

For SGD 59 for 60mins Oriental massage, the price is not overwhelming but I did not like that I feel more pain in my back and head after the massage so I will not be visiting them again personally

Address: 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-98, Singapore 150123

Operating hours: 10 am to 10.30 pm

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