Bromo Terrace Hotel

We decided to skip the homestay like other back packers and opted for a decent hotel and stayed at the Bromo Terrace Hotel for the day before our Milky Way tour.


We arrived to a cosy little cottage house greeting us. Bromo Terrace is located on the highlands so the air is really fresh and it gets chilly at night.


The reception and restaurant is housed in a 2 storey bungalow styled building in red bricks lit by orange warm lights.


The reception is small but very efficient with many staff attending to your needs. The hotel sign is craved into a wood piece with alot of character which is the same style as the reception counter.


There is a small waiting area which is sufficient as they have limited rooms as well.


There is a small dining area just next to the reception for dinner or just drinks.


The bigger dining area is located at the 2nd level.


The rooms are in little chalet styled houses and the entire compound likes like a quaint neighbourhood.


Each cottage has their own mini lawn and a cute lighted house number. It’s like going home.


The interior is equally cosy with white brick walls and theres a small verandah with 2 garden sofas for chilling or sipping tea.


The toilet is bright and spacious with a separate standing shower area and a very good water heater. Basic amenities like toothbrush and shampoo and bath foam is provided.


The verandah is very spacious with 2 garden seats and a rack for drying clothes.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant after we checked in to prepare for our night tour. My friend had the fried noodle was savoury and delicious.

A few of us had the soto ayam soup with rice. The soup was very authentic was strong chicken flavours coupled with the Indonesian spice.

We also ordered the spring roll which was very crispy but the bamboo shoot taste was too over powering making the spring roll not as nice.

The pancake we had for dessert was quite general and properly cooked.


The next day, we had breakfast served on the 2nd storey with banana chips, orange juice, coffee and tea. The banana chips is so good that we wanted to buy some home but forgot when we checked out.


The main breakfast course can be ordered from the menu. There is traditional Indonesian food as well as western selections.


I had the Indonesian fried rice with fried egg and keropok which is very delicious while my friends who had the Western selection found the food very general.

Overall, I will definitely recommend this hotel to people staying in Surabaya.

Rooms start from: SGD 110

Address: Jl. Raya Bromo, Dusun 2, Sapikerep, Sukapura, Probolinggo, Jawa Timur 67254, Indonesia

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