Homemade Shrimp Dumpling

Wanton noodle is one of the most famous noodles that originated from Canton China. As a Cantonese, instead of wanton, I very much prefer shrimp dumplings as the later contains prawns and other ingredients giving it a better texture whereas the wanton only has meat. Since we had extra meat from making Hakka yong tau foo, we decided to make shrimp dumplings


The additional items required to make the dumplings are the following:

  • peeled prawns
  • black fungus soaked and cut into strips
  • dumpling skin
  • minced meat mixture

You can find out how to make the meat mixture from here


You can wrap the dumplings with a spoonful of meat mixture, 1 prawn and 1 strip of black fungus like the above picture and seal the dumpling with just water.


To cook the dumplings, you can either steam or boil them until the skin turns slightly translucent. You can have it with chicken stock or other meat stock that you like. This is a very traditional Cantonese recipe where you can taste the fragrance of salted fish in the meat, crunchy chestnut and black fungus for texture and fresh prawns. If you are making the meat from a fresh start, you can omit the fish paste as it is not really necessary for prawn dumplings.





Author: elizbeartravel

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