I have past Morganfield’s on many occasions and there was always a good number of crowd at the entrance but I was never enticed to enter the restaurant to try out the food. One of the reason is that I am not really a fan of barbeque meat and ribs and the true American style cuisine so they are usually not within my meal choices.


I finally decided to try their food as I was bringing my nephew out for dinner and kids absolutely love American food. At first glance, the restaurant has this partial industrial chic decor which for some reason reminds me of a brewery.


There are also a few neon signs which are quite typical of the American diner. The restaurant itself is super spacious and can sit many customers. Due to the current safe distancing rules, many tables are all spaced out from each other and the servers will try to sit customers at different areas of the restaurant. We had a corner to ourselves with the surrounding tables empty so we could eat in comfort without our mask.


There is no physical menu in the restaurant and I am not sure if it is a new process to reduce human contact on surfaces. To see the menu, you can scan the QR code on the table and read the menu from your phone. They have the food menu, drinks menu as well as the kid’s menu. You can see the menu here


To start, they have a pretty selection for drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The one I have here is the pink lemonade which is made of lemon and cranberry juice. You can see the pretty pink colour floating on top. The drink itself is very refreshing and not too sweet. The sourness of the lemon juice helps to also balance out the oil of the meal coming up. The other drink is the Granny’s apple lychee tea which has sweet tea made with granny’s green apple and lychee. I found this a tad too sweet for my liking but my nephew liked it.


When we were going through the menu, our eyes were totally attracted to the pork belly burnt ends. In my minds, we were imagining a roast crispy skin pork belly kind of pork cubes so when this came in a form of skewers, we were quite surprised. The surface of the pork belly cubes had slight burnt crispy bits but the entire pork cube is still juicy. The flavourings were quite light with just pepper and salt. One thing I didn’t like is that there are big chunks of fats which is not grill so you would just bite into pure fats. Those who love pork belly like my nephew loved it.


My main was the Morgan’s rib burger which has chunks of pork ribs pulled off the bone and tossed with a special BBQ sauce with buttered sesame bun. The fries served with the burger were thick-cut fried and were freshly fried as they were hot and crispy.


I had expected the meat to be more of like a pulled pork texture but instead, they were big chunks of meat which kind of made it messy to eat. The meat was tender and juicy with a lot of sauce so if you ate with your hands, you might get sauce dripping on your hands. This was like eating ribs in a messy way with burger buns


The highlight of the meal was the sticky bones pork ribs. They had 2 variations; the sticky bones made from spare ribs near the pork belly area which makes them fattier or the baby back ribs which leaner as it is closer to the back. The ribs were served with the same tasty fried and a small bowl of coleslaw.


Cooked over low fire slowly, the meat was very tender and soft and could be cut off the bone easily. The barbeque sauce flavours were strong and infused the meat thoroughly to give you that smokey flavour. Although the meat is supposed to be fattier, the slow cooking melted the fats into the meat thus the meat was not dry at all.

Overall, the service at Morganfield’s was good and attentive and the food was also nice, especially the ribs. The barbeque sauce used in their ribs and meat was not overpowering or overly sweet like some other places and gave a good balance to the meats. I absolutely loved the drink I had and could drink that the whole day.

Address: 1, #01-51A HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity, 098585

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm


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