Hawker Chan

There were so many reports and news about this restaurant after they were awarded a Michelin star award for their soy chicken. The first outlet at Chinatown hawker centre was so packed daily with locals and tourist that the owner opened up the 2nd outlet with air-conditioned seats at the next street. The first and 2nd outlet is packed with long queues daily and in order to get a taste of their food, you will need to queue at  least 30 mins


When I discovered that they opened another outlet at the new Funan mall and there were hardly any queues, I decided to finally give it a try. The outlet is of mid-size with bright red cushioned seats which is very different from their usual setup


The wall is framed with many articles about the store and it’s Michelin starred award. There is no shortage of food reviews from different publications and blogs.


There is a huge digital menu at the front of the counter with a small window where you can peep into the kitchen and also see the glistening soy chicken which is hung by the metal rods for the extra oil to drain off. There is also barbeque pork and roast pork offered at the restaurant.


You can choose to order at the normal counter or help yourself with the order machine just next to the counter to avoid queuing when it is meal times.


They have rice or noodles to choose from as well as set meals where additional side dishes are available. They also sell the entire chicken or by halves if you wish to buy some home for dinner with the family.


Utensils and condiments like chilli sauce and green chilli is available for self-service at the side counter.


Famous for noodles, I ordered the soy chicken noodles. The serving is considerably smaller than the usual we can get from most hawker centre at the same price. Each plate comes with a blanched vegetable as well to balance up the meal


The soy chicken meat was extremely succulent and tender and usually, chicken breast meat is dry and tough. The chicken breast that I asked for was instead so soft, delicious and flavourful that I couldn’t get enough of the chicken.


The noodles were springy and full of texture and at the same time, it is so flavourful as it is tossed with high-grade sauce. Instead of just being salty, the sauce was very fragrant and sweet which complimented both the noodles and the chicken meat very well.

Overall, the meal at Hawker Chan was great and it was definitely worth the Michelin star that was awarded to it. The price is slightly higher than the usual ones that you get from other hawker centre but the food here is worth the price tag although it was not enough for me to put up with long queues just to get a bite of the noodles

Address: 107 North Bridge Road, #01-03, Singapore 179097

Operating hours: 10 am to 9.30 pm




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