Peach Garden Miramar

Foodies everywhere love a good buffet where they can get to taste many different varieties of food within a fixed cost and one of the most enjoyable kind of buffet is the Chinese a la carte buffet where you can eat all you can from a listed menu.


Usually, such a la carte buffet comes with a menu order chit at each table for guests to order the dishes they wish to eat and the dish size is served according to the number of people at the table.


Peach Garden is a very famous and popular Cantonese Chinese cuisine restaurant in Singapore and many families come here for gathering and celebrations

There are a few items under the expensive list like the shark’s fin and abalone soup. There are a few variations of soup to be selected like fish maw with abalone or sharks fin with crab meat etc

This is the size of the mini abalone in the soup. The soup generally tastes ok with sweet chicken broth but the ingredients given were pretty pathetic.

The prawns in the herbal broth were good with huge succulent prawns which were very fresh and tasted fantastic

The next dish which was good was the roast duck but this was an exclusive dish for our table because we had a promotional text. Without the text, this was not included in the buffet menu. The skin of the duck was crispy and flavourful with a good texture for the meat. It was a pity we only had 1 dish of the duck

The other highlight of the buffet was the fried fish which was so crispy and delicious the bones were all gone from the dish. The fish served was the tender soon hock which was fresh and sweet

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The rest of the dishes were quite mediocre. They were either too sweet or too salty or bland or full of flour or basically just very basic flavours which can be found at any street restaurant. They were all not very memorable.

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The dessert selection is quite decent and taste is also ok but I guess it’s pretty hard to go wrong with desserts.

Overall, they do have a few good dishes and if you don’t mind general tasting food, Peach garden is a relatively nice choice for big family gatherings with a quite value for money buffet selection

Address: 401 Havelock Rd, Level 3 Hotel Miramar, Singapore 169631

Operating hours: 11 am to 3 pm and 6pm to 10 pm

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