Guan’s Mee Pok

I am not a person who really likes eating meepok with fishballs and stuff but when I first tried this, I totally fell in love with it that I wish I can eat it often

Guan’s meepok has many different types of noodles combination which makes it different from other stalls. Some of the popular ones include the fish maw noodles, pork ball noodles and more.

The stall is extremely popular and is crowded even during non-meal times. There is no buzzer given out so after ordering at the order counter, you have to proceed to the left side of the stall to queue and wait for your order. A small trick though is to recognise the person in front of you and pop over when you are the next 3rd person since the orders are made in order.


I ordered one of the unique item which is the dry noodle with pork ball in watercress soup


The noodle portion is quite small but surprising filling and the noodles were springy and well cooked. There was also just enough sauce given for the noodles to slightly soak in for flavourful bites


The best part of all is the pork ball soup. Firstly, the soup is very light and flavourful and there is zero msg in it. The fact that watercress is added to the soup gives it that 2nd layer of homely goodness and freshness that removes the oiliness of the pork. The pork ball itself is very juicy and springy and with a surprise burst of minced meat right in the middle of the ball. Similar to the common fish ball with minced meat, this is pork ball with minced meat that bursts out with meaty goodness. I introduced this to so many people and everyone said this is the best pork ball they ever had.

Address: 11 Stamford Road, #B1-20/27 Capitol Piazza Food Republic, Singapore 178905

Operating hours: 11 am to 10.30 pm

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