Fook Kin

It’s the start of the week again and there’s nothing better than a great lunch to chase the Monday blues away. Fook Kin opened in the last quarter as a collaboration between Class 95 DJ pair best known as The Muttons and Roast Paradise best known as the store with long queue at old airport road.

Even from the outside, Fook Kin sports a bright blue old school gate which gives you a clue on the instagrammable quality of the restaurant itself.

The restaurant itself is a fusion of old school 1980s coffee shop eatery with a good twist of modern hipster touches like this pink neon sign. Even the restaurant name is a cheekily twist to the term widely used by by young people today.

The restaurant is like a classier coffee shop with cleverly infused touches of modern oriental furniture like the bird cage lighting and loud wall graffiti.

Rows of glistening roast duck and pork can be seen at the back of the restaurant like your typical Chinese roast shop.

You can browse their menu at the entrance before entering the restaurant.

At the table, you can place your orders with the ipad attached. The main item on the menu is the roast meats with selection of rice or noodles as well as soup to complement the meal. For solo diners, they have also introduced very friendly rice bowls like the Roasted Paradise rice which has a mix of all 3 kinds of roast meats and a braised egg for only SGD 10.80


You can find the typical condiments on the table like the garlic chili sauce and green chili as well as toothpick, soy sauce and pepper. (Pardon the shaky picture)


They also serve tea in the traditional Chinese tea pot and cups used in the 1960s – 1970s in the typical coffee shop or Chinese restaurants.


All dishes are served in this traditional blue and white designed ware which is typical of the coffee shops in the past. This appetizer was the salted egg yolk crispy lotus root chips. ( Pardon the shaky picture again) This dish was quite disappointing as the lotus root was not as crispy as we hope it would be and the salted egg yolk sauce was slightly lacking too in terms of taste.


For the main dish, the honey roasted pork Char Siew does not disappoint with it’s sweet and fully barbequed black crispy bits and melt in your mouth quality. The roast duck and roast pork was slightly more disappointing as the roast pork skin was still crispy but not crispy enough and there was quite a chunk of fats and it did not melt in the mouth. The duck was slightly dry and the skin was missing the roasted flavours.

Overall, I think the concept of the restaurant is great and there are some pretty good dishes, while the roast bowls are not up to my expectations, I do see the individual orders for the roast meats looking a lot more promising so I would definitely come back to try the food again especially if i do not want to stand in queue at old airport road;

Address: 111 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239553

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 9.30 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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