Muk Bang Korean Restaurant

It is always a chore to find new places to eat especially during lunch time and a good lunch usually makes the rest of the day so much easily to hassle through. When you work at the more secluded areas in Singapore, it is really not easy to find nice and affordable food.


For those working near Viva Business Park, the Muk Bang Korean Restaurant has recently introduced very affordable lunch sets to cater to the lunch crowd.  For under SGD 10, there are a variety of sets to choose from, whether you prefer noodles or rice.


The restaurant itself is not very big with approximately only table and seating capacity for 5- persons. The place gets pretty crowded during lunch. Being a certified Halal restaurant, it is also a very popular lunch choice for office gatherings since it caters to multi racial colleagues as well.


Some of the lunch sets comes with complimentary drinks as well. This ice tea was very refreshing and was a surprising generously sized cup for a complimentary drink.


The army stew set came with noodles in this small brass pot which is typically used for cooking ramen in Korea. The pot was kept heated with a gas stove and the soup was only about half the pot full with a substantial amount of chicken luncheon meat and sausages. You could also taste the baked beans and spicy sauce but I felt the stew was missing rice cakes. The pot itself was just nice for 1 person but for a diner with slightly bigger appetite, this will not be enough for lunch.


The kimchi jigae soup set came with rice but no complimentary drink. There was generous amount of kimchi and chicken meat in the soup. The soup belongs to the slightly sour taste kind of kimchi soup which is typical of aged kimchi. The set was only SGD 8.90 and there were side dishes of kimchi,pickled radish and ikan bilis.


The black bean sauce noodles lovingly known as jajangmian was pleasantly dark with black bean sauce and small chunks of chicken meat. The noodles were also had a good spring. With the same side dishes served, the jajangmian is quite good and the less oily version of most chinese or korean jajangmian.

Overall, since we had only lunch sets, we cannot be sure to judge on the rest of the a la carte dishes. However, Muk Bang does offer another outlet for a quick lunch with a rather nice environment without having to fight for seats in the food court.

Address: 750 Chai Chee Road, 469000

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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