Fresh Fruits Lab

If you are looking for an interesting café with affordable good food in the East, you should head over to Fresh Fruits Lab. From the exterior, you can see that the café is colourful, bright and sweet in appearance.


The interior of the café is also splashed with bright colours and cute drawings.


Throughout the café, you can find pretty colourful decorations as well as cute stuffed toys seated at different tables. There is definitely a draw for Instagrammers to visit this café for the multiple photo corners within the café.


The café offers a pretty good and affordable lunch menu with weekday set lunches at SGD 12 only. The set lunch includes a soup as well as the main dish. You can add on SGD 2 for tea or a soda. If you do not wish to go for the set lunch, there are also other ala carte menu items available.


Great news for customers who love drinking as they offer all-day happy hours deal ( before 6pm ) at SGD 3.80 per pint of beer. A tower of beer will only set you back to SGD 39.


As part of the lab concept, they offered us fruit soda in test tubes which came in different flavours; pineapple, watermelon, carrot as well as a cucumber with spinach.


The set lunch came with a basic soup which tastes pretty good considering the price of the set lunch. The minestrone had good chunks of vegetables as well as a good consistency.


The serving of the set lunch was also pretty good and is more than sufficient for one person. The grilled chicken was very tender with nice roasted skin and mushroom brown sauce. The meal also came with grilled corn and boiled vegetables.


My colleague ordered from the ala carte menu and had the fried calamari with spicy spaghetti which is served in a pretty decent size. The noodles were done well with a semi-spicy sauce, fresh tomatoes and fresh salad.


Another ala carte menu item is the soft shell crab with tomato-based penne. There is a generous serving of fried soft shell crab which is fried till crispy sitting on a bed of rocket leaves. The penne is slightly al dente with a creamy thick tomato sauce.


We saw another table order this drink and we were so intrigued that we decided to order one for ourselves. This was a fresh fruit soda drink where you can see colourful ice cubes filled with fresh fruits. The drink came with a syringe filled with a blue soda syrup which you inject into the glass and get this colourful appearance. This drink is perfect for cafe hopping as you can slowly wait for the ice cubes to melt and eat the fruit in it. For us rushing during lunch, we could hardly wait for them to melt.  As for the taste, the drink is just full of sugar syrup and nothing more so this is purely a drink for the pictures

Overall, the cafe offers pretty decent food at affordable prices during lunch and there are some very good prices for beer as well. The entire atmosphere of the cafe also puts you in a good mood with their colourful decorations and wall drawings.

Address:  351 Changi Rd, Singapore 419818

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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