Monster Curry

Fans who love Japanese curry would definitely be satisfied at Monster Curry as there is a wide variety of choices at the restaurant.


One common and standard look across al Monster Curry is their red furniture which represents their fiery curry. They also have giant sized plates used as their main showcase display outside the restaurant.


The main item in the menu is Japanese curry in many different sizes as well as with different toppings. There are seafood, pork as well as chicken options in fried cutlet style or grilled meat style.


The monster curry in Vivocity has an open concept kitchen where you can see the chef working on your meal.


One of the most popular item in the menu is their combo giant curry plate which has a combination of different toppings. The combo plate comes with fried fish, fried pork cutlet, 2 tempura shrimps as well as grilled pork belly meat.


The pork cutlet is thick in size and juicy when you bite into it.


The fried fish is of a very generous portion which is fried to golden crispiness. There is a drizzle of chilli sauce on top of the curry which makes the curry extremely spicy. For those who cannot take spice, do not mix in the orange sauce. Personally, I feel that the best complement to the curry is the grilled pork belly as it is light in taste while the curry is heavy. The other fried items become too heavy when eaten together with the thick curry sauce.


There are also side dishes like the fried chicken karaage which is nicely seasoned and fried till crispy and crunchy.


You can also order an additional bowl of curry gravy at SGD 3 but there is actually more than sufficient sauce in the original dish.


They offer some pretty nice drinks like their iced mango tea and hot green tea.

Overall, Monster Curry is a nice restaurant for groups of friends who love Japanese curry as their combo giant plates is a good option for sharing. The quality of the food is also not too bad and the curry is of good consistency and taste although I find that the chilli sauce is too spicy for me.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-126/127 & 129, Vivo City, 098585

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm






Author: elizbeartravel

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