Top travel items to buy from Muji

Muji was founded in Japan in 1980 and is known to provide a wide variety of good quality products including household goods, apparel and food. Muji in Japanese is translated to no-brand quality goods which is basically the main essence of the brand. The design of Muji’s products are generally simple and minimalist and many modern shoppers love the clean look of the products. On top of the full range of products Muji offers, they do have some travel products which are really useful to have on a trip. Here is my Top 5 items not in order.

1.Portable Sewing Kit


Yes, you can probably get a portable sewing kit from many places but one that is so comprehensive and sleek in design, maybe only Muji. Everyone knows how you might get a loose button or snapped seam in the middle of travelling and for those of us not staying in 5 star hotels, this little kit will come in useful. Retailing at only SGD 4.60, the kit has 3 basic color threads; black, white and grey, 3 safety pins of different sizes, a couple of needle, a sturdy sewing scissors as well as a threading pin to help thread that needle.

2. Foldable Hanger


We all know how having a hanger in the hotel room is important when it comes to travelling. Again for those of us staying in Air BnBs, motels, hostels etc, there might not be any hanger available at all. This is when having at least 1 foldable hanger comes in handy. Retailing at SGD 9.90 it weighs as light as a hair comb and folds nicely into a compact strip

3. Foldable S hook


Similar to the hanger, this S hook can come in handy during your travels if you need to hook your coat in the bus, your amenities bag in the shower, your bag in the room or even your shopping during a public commute. This plastic hook is very sturdy and folds into a neat ring retails only at SGD 6.90 and comes in a few colors.

4. Portable Laundry set


This is extremely useful for those backpackers in us or even those of us staying in co-shared apartments and travelling with a small luggage. I highly recommend to travel compact and wash your clothes as you travel to make sure you have space to bring back things that matters from your trip. This set comprises of a mini wash board and a square drying rack that can be hung from any bar in the place you stay. This is perfect for socks, under garments as well as light T-shirts and retails at SGD 19. The set comes with a sleek white zip bag that keeps the set compact and easy for packing.

5.  Portable Fragrance Stick4549738970859_1260.jpg

Almost all travelers have difficulties falling asleep on the first night in a foreign place and this is something that will definitely provide some help. Similar to lighting an essential oil candle to assist in sleeping, this small bottle carries any scent you are familiar with or can help you fall asleep easier. The mini sticks are within the bottle so you only need to remove the cap and the scent is diffused in the room. Retailing at SGD 11.90, this is something which might not be necessary for every traveler but is a very easy to bring along item to get a good sleep.

Bonus Items – These are not in my top 5 as you can probably buy them elsewhere other than Muji at a cheaper price.

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  • Small containers can be useful for small pills or medicine, small earring or ring accessories or even make up powder or cream
  • Zip Lock bags of various sizes can be useful for makeup to bring on the plane, keep small items organised or even small amount of food items clean and fresh for day trips. the labels on each bag makes it even easier for neat organisation
  • Bag hook is useful when you dine at small and tight places or restaurants and you can safely hook your purse and bags under the table next to your legs
  • Small spray bottle is useful for face moisturizers or toners when you are travelling on the plane due to the dryness of the air.
  • Travel sized squeeze bottles are good for hand cream, toothpaste or even honey
  • An additional item which I feel is necessary for Asians travelling to countries which are more dry in climate is the air humidifier which can be placed in the hotel rooms. This will keep your skin, throat, mouth, nose, eyes all feeling much more comfortable. ( you can find these in many online sites)



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