Niku Niku Udon

We chanced upon this restaurant as the other restaurants were all closed but they were still open and having udon late at night is a great choice.


The outlet is pretty small like the usual noodle stores in Japan. There are only a couple of table seats and mostly are counter seats


There are simple English description on the menu but it does not fully list down the ingredients so it is better to ask the staff. They serve udon soup noodles only with different toppings and ingredients


The store is really compact so you can see the staff cooking your meals. The staff speaks very basic English so you can request for simple changes to your menu if you need. For example, you were willing to change the meat in the noodles from beef to pork for me.


Some condiments are also provided at the counter like soy sauce and pepper flakes folr you to add to your noodles


The noodles came with tempura prawns as well as pork belly in their unique broth. The udon noodles are flatter than the usual round udon noodles and has a more chewy texture than others. The best part is the broth of the noodles which is a cross between sukiyaki sauce and light soy broth.


My bowl is quite similar but with burdock tempura instead of prawns which has great crunch and texture. I really loved the broth of the noodles as I am a Sukiyaki lover and the sweet and salty broth complemented the chewy noodles extremely well.

Overall, the Niku Niku Udon is unique to Fukuoka with their own signature broth which is different from the usual clear udon broth. The restaurant is more like a fast food noodle stand like those small ramen stand so most customers finish their noodles and leave so expect cramp seats and basic service from the staff.

Address: Japan, 〒810-0004 Fukuoka, Chūō-ku, Watanabedōri, 2-chōme−8−1 王丸ビル1F

Operating hours: 11 am to 12 am

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