ANA Lounge Fukuoka Airport

Airport Lounges are a frequent traveller’s best sanctuary and some has such good facilities that it feels like a short getaway on its own. The Fukuoka domestic airport itself is pretty small and the ANA Lounge is easily spotted from the entrance


As this is a domestic airport, there is no immigration passport checks so the lunge actually provides frequent travellers with the convenient of having a separate private check in area with luggage scans


Once you pass the scans, you can reach the departure gates directly. On the left is the escalators reaching up to the lounge itself


This is the escalator leading up to the lounge


The lobby of the lounge is brightly lit with cheerful and attentive staff which is the expected of Japanese hospitality


The lounge itself is extremely spacious with many different areas of sitting and each seats has their own table for travellers to put their drinks or belongings


There is also a whole row of seats facing the tarmac for travellers to see the planes taking off as they either work or relax. Each seat has charging ports and electric outlets for those last minute emails


As this is a domestic terminal and the wait time for flights are not too long, food is not provided. There are only snacks and a huge variety of drinks like this 2 cask of sake


Beer drinkers will rejoice with different kinds of Japanese beer from the tap


Non alcoholic drinkers also has their choice of coffee and tea


There is also a self service station where passengers have to return their cups and glasses as there are not many staff within the lounge itself to clear dirty glasses



While there are not many options in terms of food, the variety of beverages available is quite amazing especially the alcoholic selection. For the non alcoholic ones, there are also some pretty interesting drinks like the green kelp juice. The snacks provided is also those Japanese prawn crackers and nuts

Overall, the lounge has a very peaceful environment and provides traveller a place for a good rest before their next flight. The lounge is extremely quiet and clean so it is very pleasant to spend time here. There is also a very chic and modern bathroom, small rooms for passengers to use their phones so that they do not disturb other passengers. There is also a small smoking room for smokers since the airport is a non smoking building. It is a nice lounge to spend some time before the flight







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