Gong He Guan

The old folks believe that in very hot weather like Singapore, it is good for the body to consume some cooling items to detox and also to purge the heat from the body. Other than cooked soup items, this is achieved usually by herbal teas or desserts. After stuffing our face with the herbal Bak Kut Teh, which is considered heaty food in traditional Chinese medicine books, we decided to go to the Gong He Guan nearby which serves a number of herbal desserts.


The store itself is extremely small at the corner unit with only 4 to 5 tables for customers. Many customers actually come by for take away.


You can see the big bronze cooker which is common in traditional medicinal halls which serves herbal teas for different ailments like common colds, coughs or even fever. You can also choose to power up your drink with medicinal powder


Each table has a pictorial menu slotted into the glass and the store has this huge menu right in the middle for customers to look at the offerings.


The dessert we came for is the Guilin Gao which is herbal jelly. The jelly is made with many traditional Chinese herbs which is cooling for the body constitution as well as good for detox. The jelly itself is bitter for first timers but for those who are used to herbal taste will find the taste very clean and bitter sweet but most people will add honey to the jelly so it is easier to consume.


The other famous dessert for the Cantonese is the barley and bean curd skin which is good for detoxing. The one here is not as sweet as most dessert shops and this dessert is commonly found in most modern dessert stores as well.


This next double boiled white fungus and papaya soup is also very good to nourish the throat and lungs for this hot weather. The soup is sweeten with rock sugar and natural sweetness of the papaya. This dessert is very refreshing and light and is food for all ages.


Lastly, I ordered the steam milk as I missed the one we had in Hong Kong but it was a wrong choice as it resembles more of a milk pudding. The texture was also a bit rough and not smooth like the ones in Hong Kong. I would stick to the other desserts the next time I am there. Overall, Gong He Guan is great to get some desserts based on TCM logic to relieve some of the early symptoms of falling sick.

Address: 217 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389277

Operating hours: 9.30 am to 3.30 am

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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