In recent years, more and more customers are concerned about their diet and opt for healthier choices for their meals. Salad bars, health clubs and organic food delivery stores started to pop up across the island. Greendot is a vegetarian restaurant that offers modern vegetarian dishes cooked in Singaporean style.


Most of Greendot outlets are opened in shopping malls and the one at Bedok Mall is at the basement nestled in the open concept restaurant areas. The restaurant itself is simple in layout with seating for 20 to 30 customers.


The Greendot restaurants takes your order only at the counter. They serve noodles as well as rice bento sets.


For the rice bento sets, you can customise the dishes you need at the counter. The basic bento costs SGD 9.90 but you can select premium items which cost SGD 1 additional.


For the bento set, you can choose brown rice or normal rice, 1 vegetable dish as well as 2 ‘meat dishes’. The ‘meat’ dishes are made mostly from mushrooms and seasoning and with the gravy, it taste almost like real meat. The rendang mushroom and sweet and sour mushrooms were really tasty and had a nice chewy texture. The set also comes with a bowl of soup.


The laksa noodles had gravy that tasted very similar to the non vegetarian version even though there is no shrimp being used. The gravy was very thick and creamy with strong coconut flavours and savoury after taste. We could not figure out how they made the gravy taste like shrimp. The laksa comes with bean curd, bean sprouts, mushrooms and vegetarian prawn balls. Overall, this was a very good bowl of laksa.


The Zhajiang noodles had light peanut sauce instead of meat sauce and lots of shredded cucumber and carrots and came with a bowl of vegetable mushroom soup. The noodles itself is very refreshing although the soup was a little too bland.

Overall, Greendot is a restaurant that serves modern styled vegetarian food with a twist and you can enjoy a healthy meatless meal cooked in very delicious flavours without noticing that there is no meat in the dish. This restaurant is ideal for a meat detox session.

Address: 311 New Upper Changi Rd, B2-31/32, Singapore 467360

Operating hours: 11 am to 9 pm



Author: elizbeartravel

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