Dancing crab

The idea of having seafood in Cajun sauce in a bag first came from the US, the state of Louisiana. This quickly spread to Asia and became a popular way to consume seafood other than the Chilli Crab and pepper crab that we are so used to in Singapore. Dancing Crab is a American styled seafood restaurant which is part of the Tung Lok Group.


The entire restaurant was dressed up to resemble a seafood shack and has many casual dining tables.


The restaurant is huge with a simple setup for casual family dining with tissue and hot sauce provided at every single table.


You can also check out the kind of crabs and seafood available at the tank right at the entrance.


Ice water is provided for free from their cooler machine and you can ask the servers for any utensils or tools needed to eat your seafood.


The seafood in a bag is easy and straight forward to order. The basic is ordering the seafood you want like prawn, clams and choosing the sauce you want; mild, spicy. You can also choose to add on corn and potatoes to make your bag of seafood a more balanced meal.


Before your food arrives you will be handed aprons to save your clothes from the food mess which might occur in the midst of enjoying your seafood.


When you dish arrives, you can choose to eat it from the pot or from the table


Personally, I love eating off the table which is all set with a clean layer of plastic with each new set of customers. The prawns were extremely huge and juicy with a nice coating of the Cajun sauce which was not too spicy. As we chose the mild original version, there was only a slight heat to the dish.


We ordered the special for the month which was the black pepper crab that came wrapped up in baking paper and heated over hot stones on a wok.


When the paper was unwrapped, we were attacked by the fragrant black pepper smell and sweet garlic that was paired into the sauce.


The pincer of the crab was huge with loads of flesh which were sweet and springy. The black peppery sauce was peppery yet sweet at the same time. It was quite different from the black pepper crabs we have at the local restaurants.


Other than seafood in bags, they also have things like crab cakes and lobster rolls which is favourite amongst many seafood diners.


The crab cake was fabulous and fleshy with a nice crispy outside and a milky succulent inside. The cakes itself was full of crab meat mixed with a small amount of vegetable chunks.


The lobster roll was very pretty and came with a choice of fries; normal or truffle or cheese. The roll itself was not toasted enough in my opinion although the lobster filling had huge chunks of lobster meat. The mixture of the lobster filling itself was also not creamy enough for me although the taste was good. Just a bit more cream and more butter for the roll would have made it perfect.


The soda drinks they offered was also very delicious and was extremely good with the Cajun and pepper sauce that came with the dishes. They were extremely thirst quenching and you can’t help but get 2nd servings for the drinks like my berry soda which came with real blueberries and lemon lemonade.


Overall, Dancing Crab is a great place to have American Styled seafood in a bag although it might not be the best as there are a couple of other outlets offering the same kind of dishes. Comparing notes, it seems that Dancing crabs provide bigger seafood portions and tastier versions so it is still worth a visit.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-10 VivoCity, 098585

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 3 pm and 5.30 pm to 10 pm


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