Lian Xin Fang

I was craving for yam paste from Liang Kee when I visited the area but the restaurant was fully booked so I popped into the next available restaurant just 3 shophouse away was immediately attracted to the picture of their coconut chicken soup on the wall.


The restaurant itself is bright and medium in size with blow up pictures of all their popular dishes on the wall.



The restaurant is setup like a hotpot restaurant with long tables fitted with stoves. The capacity of the restaurant is only limited to 40 seats for customers only.


The restaurant offers a whole range of dishes mainly Chinese cuisine from the different dialects like clay pot rice, spicy stir fry mushrooms, hot pot as well as many cold dishes.


There is a small condiments area where you can make your own dipping sauce for the hot pot. There is basic ones like garlic, chilli, spring onions, parsley, soy sauce and sesame oil.


The main counter serves a range of drinks from canned drinks, barley and lime juice, beer as well as hot tea.


We had a cold dish which is the century egg with tofu and spicy sauce which is more like a northern China cuisine. The combination of the century egg and tofu is very refreshing but can be on the spicy side.


We also had the stir fry mushroom in hot pot with spicy sauce which has a kinds of mushrooms, chilli and pork belly stir fried together to produce a savoury and spicy dish which complements rice extremely well. The dish is slightly on the salty side if you are having it on its own.


The coconut chicken soup hotpot came in a huge porcelain pot placed in the stove in the middle of the table. The pot itself came with coconut meat and chicken chunks. You can order additional add on ingredients like pork belly, vegetables and other things you can find in a hot pot restaurant.



The ingredients we ordered for the hot pot was generally fresh but quite small in serving and each add on range from SGD 5 to 10 and more which is quite pricey.


As the add on dishes were pricey, we added on only pork belly, vegetables, fried bean curd, shrimp paste and vermicelli noodles. The soup was extremely clear and sweet from the coconut meat but when we asked for a refill of the soup, it was payable. The only free refill was for normal chicken broth which made the final soup more bland. The is nothing to fault in terms of taste of the hot pot other than the price and quality as the meat is very fresh but not of the top quality ones.

Overall, the restaurant is higher in terms of price and can be quite interesting for people who wants to try different Chinese cuisine in one meal. The taste of the food is general; not bad and not exceptionally good. The service standards however were good and attentive so if you were looking for a place to have hot soup for supper after drinks, this place opens till late.

Address: 731 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169650

Operating hours: 4 pm to 4 am






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