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Hidden from the main shoppers, Saizeriya at Holland Village is nestled in a cosy corner on the 2nd floor of Windmill Shopping Mall. There are various outlets of Saizeriya in most neighbourhood malls but I never had the chance to dine in any of them until recently. Saizeriya is a Italian restaurant which serves simple and affordable meals to students and families on a tight budget.


The restaurant itself is dimly lit with orange lights and is extremely cosy to chill and spend your time away. The restaurant is very spacious with good separation between tables for great privacy.


They serve many entrees as well as mains like pastas, pizzas, hot plate gratins as well as desserts. The best thing is that most mains do not cost more than SGD 10 and most entrees are below SGD 5.


They are quite understaffed so they will leave you to slowly browse the menu and call for service via the service bell only when you need them. Whenever the bell is pressed, their service is extremely prompt.


They provide a self service condiments station for customers who liked more pepper, tabasco sauce and even plates and utensils for young children. The servers will also gladly serve you if you require any of the above.


They also have a drinks buffet which costs only SGD 2.80 where you can get a free flow of soft drinks, coffee and tea and even milo. Children below 3 can have the drinks for free and plain water is also free.


There are also set lunches available at SGD 7.90 to SGD 8.90 which includes a main course, salad and drinks. I missed the timing for set lunch so I had a la carte which still had very affordable price tag. The mushroom soup was very basic and tasted like those soup served at western stores at food courts. It is not too thick nor watery and the taste is somewhat like a watered down Campbell soup.


My friend had the bacon and cheese corn which had melted cheese drizzled over the dish. The bacon itself was quite salty but when paired with the corn, it was a nice starter.


The bacon and blanched vegetable was mediocre and you can miss this dish as the vegetable was quite bitter and there was really nothing wow about this dish.


The black squid ink pasta had a generous serving and had quite a fair bit of squid rings and tentacles. The pasta itself is slightly chewy and the sauce was slightly on the salty side.

Overall, Saizeriya is a very basic wallet friendly Italian restaurant suitable for students and families with children on a strict budget. There is a huge variety of choices on the menu to satisfy different cravings and the drinks buffet really allow you to spend the entire day or afternoon inside the restaurant. With entry level prices, the standards of the food is also considered entry level so do come with an open mind and no expectations, this restaurant will surprise you with their great service and cosy environment.

Address: No. 3 Lorong Liput, #02-01 Holland Piazza, Singapore 277725

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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  1. You should give their grilled squid a try… totally yummy. House pours are affordable and easy to drink. Garlic foccacia is a hot favourite with the kids.


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