115 Tang Shui

As a Cantonese, I grew up eating traditional Chinese desserts instead of the usual ice-cream and ice kachang. In fact, we loved our peanut paste and sesame paste so much, we had it almost every week.

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 I remember we used to visit this stall in Chinatown hawker center by this super old lady called Er Gu. She used to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to grind the nuts into powder before making them into paste. The old lady has since passed away and the people who took over the stall could not recreate the taste of her desserts. Instead, we found this other indiscreet stall called 115 who was mended by another old lady and her son.


One visit led to repeated visits and from the old lady and her son, we witnessed her son talking over the stall and to now, his son has taken over the helm of the stall and is fully mending the stall on his own. I feel like I have grown together with the stall and the owner Fabian who is the 3rd generation is also in his mid 40s.


Today, the desserts are still made lovingly with their grandmother’s recipe but with modern twist in presenting them.. Each bowl of dessert cost less than SGD 2 and there are certain desserts that are sold only on certain days.

Photo Credits: 115 Facebook by the owner Fabian

Some of the special desserts includes this Bobo Cha Cha which is only available during Friday and Saturdays. The coconut cream is thick and creamy with a strong coconut fragrant. The yam and sweet potato cubes were also well cooked till soft but still retaining the original sweetness of the root vegetable itself.

Photo Credits: 115 Facebook by owner Fabian

One of the hot favourites of the stall is the black and white combination which is the black sesame paste with the almond cream. It is not easy to scoop both the black and white dessert into a perfect Taiji sign. The black sesame cream is smooth and fragrant and thick yet never lumpy and the almond cream is smooth with a strong almond smell and taste


Some of my other favourites include the peanut paste and the walnut paste. Both the peanut and walnut paste has the right consistency of the perfect thickness and creaminess without being too thick and heavy on the stomach. There are some other stalls out there with their peanut paste with so much peanut thickness it felt more like peanut butter.

I can eat at least a few bowls of different kinds of desserts from 115 and whenever I am around the area, it is with great difficulty to decide which ones to buy since everything looks and taste good. These days with the hot weather, many prefer to go for that iced dessert but for me I will choose to eat a bowl of dessert from 115 at the comfort of my home anytime. There are delivery options from 115 by some of the delivery services. Do give this place a visit before traditional desserts can no longer be found.

Address: Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Blk 335 Smith Street, #02-206 Singapore 050335

Operating hours: Typically after 10 am and until sold out.


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