Sushi Tei

Finally I decided to visit Sushi Tei for the Chinese New Year for their delicious Yusheng. I have been wanting to write a review for Sushi Tei but was lacking photos from previous visits and I have not visited them since then. Sushi Tei is one of my favorite go to Japanese restaurant which is not over the top and still offer quality Japanese food.


The outlet at Vivocity has a queue like forever and ever since it resized and dissected the front of their restaurant to other sub Japanese fast food, there is lesser dining space for the already high in demand seats during meal times.

Photo Credits: Sushi Tei Facebook

Tables are arranged in neat rows maximizing the space available to sit more customers.


They also have booth seats which are suitable for 4 – 6 person


Right inside the restaurant, they have long tables suitable for big groups as well. They have such an intensive menu that I did not take a picture of the menu


During Chinese New Year, their Yusheng is extremely popular because unlike the usual ones offered at Chinese restaurants, they have many added ingredients like seasoned jelly fish, seasoned seaweed and seasoned scallops. Instead of the normal sweet sauce, they also offered their Sushi Tei salad dressing which is more savoury in taste with a clean citrus and radish taste.


I like their chawan mushi as well as they have a few selection; the plain chawan mushi, with crab toppings or salmon roe toppings. The crab topping complements the smooth and soft steamed egg with very sweet and savoury broth.


Sushi Tei has a huge selection of specialty maki as well and one of our favourite is this dragon maki which has a fried gigantic prawn with avocado and mayonnaise. The prawn is huge and succulent with a very crispy skin.


One of my favourite dish is the sukiyaki and since sukiyaki is mainly a beef dish, not many restaurants will actually offer it with pork. Sushi Tei is one of them who does offer pork selection.


The pork offered is the iberico black pork and each slice has nice marbling of fats and meat. The serving is also very generous with at least 8 to 10 slices of meat per order.


Another of our favourite is the grilled cod fish where the fish is grilled to perfection and the meat simply melts in your mouth.

Overall, Sushi Tei serves very good dishes at a reasonable price tag and it has a huge variety of dishes and even seasonal dishes to suit every picky eater. You probably cannot compare the quality of the food here to restaurants in Japan or set up by Japanese owners or chef but it is close enough for a simple dinner.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, # 02 – 152, Singapore 098585

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 10 pm


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