Seoul Garden Hotpot

There are days where you just crave for something soupy and warm for the stomach especially so during rainy days or days when you just need a perk me up. Seoul Garden hotpot has a few outlets across different malls offering straight forward and simple hotpot menus for lunch and dinner.


The outlet at Bedok Mall is a rather small space with an partially open concept where the shoppers in the mall can look in on your seats. The entire restaurant can sit up to 40-50 persons at any one time and orders are taken by the ipads attached to each table.


The menu is spilt into the various soups and hotpots available as well as side dishes and add ons.


They also provide free kimchi for every one main dish ordered so do ask the server for your share of the kimchi.


Utensils are provided in a clean box with napkins


The ginseng chicken in a pot was really good and worth it at less than SGD 16.90. You can also choose to add ingredients like more ginseng, one whole abalone at a an additional cost. The soup was clear yet strong in flavours of the chicken and the ginseng and the glutinous rice was cooked till soft and starchy. The drumstick in the soup was also very tender.


The seafood kimchi hotpot has thick and spicy broth which can be customised according to your spicy level. The soup was full of kimchi, clams, squid as well a few prawns. At SGD 15.90, the serving was enough to serve 2 persons. The soup was a good mix of savoury and sour from the kimchi.


The beef kimchi pot at SGD 13.90 had slices of thinly sliced beef included in the basic kimchi hotpot. Like all the pots, you can choose to add items to your pot like more vegetables, beef or kimchi.


The free kimchi is prepared from the cashier counter and payment can be made with your order slip or simply letting them know your table number.

Overall, the Seoul Garden hotpot has some very nice dishes like the ginseng chicken which is as good as most Korean restaurant but at a fraction of the price and some other dishes like the hotpot which was general in taste but big on servings so for small eaters who could share 1 pot, the price is extremely wallet friendly. Seoul Garden is halal certified so it could also be a place where you can bring your Muslim friends who are crazy about Korean cuisine.

Address: Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Rd #B1-51 S(467360)

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 10. 30 pm




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