Macdonald’s Chocolate Pie is back!

Since I was a kid, MacDonald’s apple pie has always been one of my favourite snacks; the crispy crust encasing warm and cinnamon tasting apple chunks in sweet sauce. As I grew older, I would always make it a point to visit the Macdonalds of different country to check out their special pies. I have tasted tuna mayonnaise pie and ham and cheese pie from Thailand, red bean and banana pie from China. Korea or Japan was one of the first country to introduce the chocolate pie and it was such a hit that the internet went wild. When it came to Singapore, the madness got to stage that these were sold out daily.


I never got to tasting it during the first round so when I read that it was finally coming back on the 22 February, I had to get my hands on them at least once.  Packed in a same cardboard box like the apple pie, the image shows a flowing chocolate sauce.



The initial look of the crust wasn’t that appetizing since it was entirely dark brown with uneven holes all over the pie.


The crust itself has a light cocoa taste similar to taste of unsweetened cocoa powder. The crust is as crispy as the apple pie as it has the exact same texture.


The chocolate was thick and creamy and tasted like semi sweet chocolate found in most lava cakes. I was expecting it to be messy eating the pie since most lava cakes or pie will have the filling dripping on your fingers. However, the consistency of the chocolate in the pie was good and it holds up within the pie nicely without overflowing.


They were really generous with the chocolate and there was more than sufficient chocolate sauce down to the last bite of the pie.

For SGD 1.50, this pie is definitely a YES for chocolate lovers and especially so for ladies during those chocolate craving months. While it is totally sinfully filled with chocolate, the fact that it was slightly bitter sweet made it delicious till the last bite. Some cakes or pie are overly sweet to eat beyond the first bite. This pie is guaranteed to give you momentarily happiness so grab them while available. While MacDonald’s did not announce an end date to the pie, do try it before it gets sold out again.

  • Available at all MacDonald’s outlets and delivery



Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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