Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant

Heard so much recommendations for this being the best roast duck in London and even better than some stalls in Singapore. This restaurant becomes a must try stop for our culinary search in London

Located within Chinatown it is not difficult to spot the restaurant since there is usually a queue just outside the restaurant during peak meal times. They serve an extensive variety of Chinese dishes.

The most famous is definitely the roast duck. The front of the restaurant features a glass window showcasing rows of roast duck with glistening skin and their chef busy at chopping up plates of duck for hungry patrons.

There are 2 floors to the restaurant with the 2nd floor with enough tables for 20 people. Tables are placed very close to one another and seating spaces are very tight.

The entire setup basically reminds me of a traditional Hong Kong cha chann teng ( coffee house) environment with busy servers shouting orders and plates and bowls found stacked up in every corner of the service counter

The menu was simple and direct in listing their dishes under the different categories like soup, vegetable, roast, meat and seafood. The price point ranges from £10 to £50.

The crab and sweet corn soup was served hot and in the right consistency. It would have been great if there was more crab meat and corn

The sour and spicy soup was too watery in my opinion although the the sourness was acceptable.

The main dish we came for; the roast duck. I have to say that I am hugely disappointed. Being a duck fan, so many raving reviews about it raised my expectations for it and the duck being mediocre was a great letdown. Firstly, the duck was missing that nice roast charcoal taste and the skin was soggy and very fatty. The meat was marinated well but on the salty side. This is hardly ‘best’ in my terms.

From one disappointment moving to the next dish of mixed roast pork and char siew (barbequed pork). The pork was generally tough to bite and very dry. The roast pork skin was hardly crispy and the fats were just too oily to stomach. The char siew was missing the sweet bbq sauce taste and there was zero bbq flavour

The vegetables on the other hand was fried nicely with a good crunch and a light savoury oyster sauce gravy.

Lastly, the claypot beancurd was surprisely good with the beancurd very smooth and the thick gravy as a good companion bursting with umami flavours.

Overall,the food here is ok in terms of taste for a Chinese restaurant and if you crave for Chinese food in London. Saying it is the best however is too far fetch.

Address: China Town, 11 Gerrard St, London W1D 5PP, UK

Operating hours: 12 pm to 11.30 pm

Nearest station: Piccadilly Circus

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