Fei Lou Porridge

Late night owls, taxi drivers and cyclist would probably know about this hidden gem in Telok Blangah area. Tucked in the middle row of Telok Blangah Crescent Food centre, this porridge stall has it’s own religious following.


The stall is quite indiscreet and there are no flashy signs except for a very striking name “Fei Lou” Porridge which translates to Fat Man Porridge. This name somewhat hints at delicious food since a fat cook is typically a good cook. The stall sells a variety of Cantonese porridge as well as soup macaroni, fried bee hoon, fried chicken wings and a couple of others Cantonese braised side dishes. The pricing is also very affordable.


This is one of the main cook who usually greets you with an extremely grouchy face. Fred not as this is his SOP face and he seldom talk to the customers. Ordering can be quite a daunting affair as the owner will not give you any reaction when you are ordering and he will also not reconfirm your orders or tell you how much to pay. It is generally a silent affair.


The stall might also look messy with different pots and kitchen tools all over the place but do not judge a book by it’s cover.


The fried bee hoon has very good flavour and every strand of the bee hoon is well marinated and coated with just enough seasoning. The chilli paired very well with the bee hoon as well. At SGD 1 per plate, this is a good choice for dinner or supper.


This next dish is a very traditional Cantonese dish with braised pig stomach with bean curd skin. The stomach and the bean curd skin is braised till soft to the bite and every mouthful has very flavourful sauce bursting in your mouth. This is a fantastic side dish for the bee hoon or porridge. This is priced at SGD 4 per servings since it takes more effort cooking it


The porridge itself is very smooth with every grain of rice cooked to a thick and creamy consistency. At SGD 3.50 per bowl, this is a perfect supper choice which is still consider light and healthy for the stomach. Some of the porridge comes with peanuts and fried vermicelli toppings.


My favourite porridge is the pork porridge where you get generous amounts of pork liver, pork slices, pork balls and some organs. The ingredients are very fresh and cooked to perfection with the boiling hot porridge. Some of the other items worth trying include the boneless chicken wings at SGD 2 per piece as well as the macaroni which is perfect for sick days.

Address: 11 Telok Blangah Cres, Singapore 090011 ( Opposite Mount Faber Safra )

Operating hours: 5.45 pm to 9.30 pm ( closed on Monday)

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Author: elizbeartravel

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