Seoul Garden Korean Barbeque and hotpot Buffet

Seoul Garden has been around since my teenage days and I remember it was such a great outing when ever we get to go to Seoul Garden for Korean barbeque. This was an era when nobody really knew what Korean food was like and we only had Korean hot plate and bulgogi barbeque at Seoul garden.


I chanced upon this Seoul Garden outlet one day and realised that it is a hotplate barbeque and hotpot at the same time and decided to bring my family here for a meal. Each table has a small hotplate and 2 small induction stove for the hotpot.


The restaurant itself is quite spacious with mainly long tables to cater to many family crowd. The restaurant is halal certified and do not serve pork. You can choose between ginseng chicken, Chickuteh ( which is like bak kut teh but with chicken), Tomato, milky fish soup, tom yam and Sichuan soup. I liked the fish soup and ginseng soup personally.


There are lots of meats to choose from and there is a portion which is the marinated meats for the barbeque and the raw meat slices which are more suitable for the hotpot. I particularly liked the marinated string ray which cooked very well on the hot plate.


There are also minced chicken meat where you can make your own meat balls, the usual crab sticks, fish balls and sausages which is suitable for children.


There is also a good selection of vegetables to choose from for cooking with the hotpot. They also have a sauce station where you can find over 10 types of condiments and chilli sauces to accompany your hot pot. Under the salad and sushi section, you can find fresh lettuce and Korean spicy sauce to be eaten with the barbeque meat.

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While waiting for your food to cook, you can also snack on some of the cooked food options they have available like fried chicken wings, spring rolls, spaghetti , fried rice, sushi and much more.


This is my tomato soup base with my favourites enoki mushrooms.


This is the bulgogi chicken and string ray barbequed

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When you think your stomach is bursting, there is ice kachang and fresh fruits for desserts

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And not forgetting the ice cream with 6 different flavours for selection.

Overall, this is a great place to bring your entire family as there is a great variety of food to eat suitable for both the young and old. Be prepared to come out of the restaurant a little smelly and oily but there is so much fun cooking together as a family.

What better news to share but kids eat for free the whole day from Mon to Thurs with an accompanying adult and seniors get 35% OFF during lunch and 10% during dinners. Price for weekdays for adults is at SGD 17.99 ++ lunch and SGD 28.99 ++ dinner. For weekends, adults are priced at SGD 28.99 ++ lunch and SGD 31.99 ++ dinner. For the full details, you can check here


Address: #02-03/04, HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square, 099253

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

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