Ramen Talk, La Mian Shuo Review

I love watching food and cooking videos every night in bed and always get tempted to try new food items. One such item is this brand of instant noodles from China called Ramen Talk

There are a total of 10 flavours being sold within China and they are coming out with new flavours often. However, I only managed to find up to 7 flavours available for sale in Singapore via Shopee. Out of the 7 flavours, I eliminated the beef ones and ordered the 3 flavours I really wanted to try; the Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles, Tomato pork bone noodles and Seafood tom yam noodles. At first glance, the packaging is done very nicely and each pack cost about SGD 5

Instructions on how to cook the noodles are printed clearly on the packaging in Chinese as well as a pictorial representation. Each packaging is a serving for 1 person and comes with ramen, Chasu pork slice, pickled bamboo shoot, sesame, spring onion and the soup seasoning

After cooking the noodles for 7 mins, it looks quite promising as the noodles were bouncy and resembled the ones from a proper ramen restaurant

The Chasu was very dry looking and a bit too dark which reminded me of preserved dried meat

When topped with the soup and garnishes, the ramen looks pretty decent. I added an egg to my noodles as well to complete the experience. I cooked the tomato flavour as well and added some other toppings like prawns. Basically, both packets came with similar items and the Chasu was still very dry and dark.

Firstly, the noodles were not too bad as the texture and chewiness were comparable to fresh ramen noodles. It might not be the same but definitely surpass other instant ramen in terms of texture. For soup, both versions were quite salty and I felt that if I added more water, it might turn too bland. Since we are used to Haidilao tomato soup bases, I found the tomato soup for the noodles very flat with no savoury tomato flavour. It tasted very ‘fake’ without the real sweet and sour flavours from the tomato. The Chasu just like how it looked, was very dry and flaky and was very deeply seasoned.

Personally, I was a bit disappointed by the soup bases and the real Chasu meat as it was still dry even after soaking it in the soup for some time. If we remove the selling point of the meat, the soup base is definitely not as good as the Japanese brand ones. The only superior item in the whole package is definitely the noodles. For SGD 5 per packet, I would go for the Japanese versions sold at Don Donki

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