Easy Homemade Milo Ice Cream

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe myself during the lockdown but never got down to it but when I finally found time to do it over a Saturday morning, it only took me less than 15 mins and I have to say the calories are definitely worth it.


You only need 3 ingredients:

150g Milo Powder

300g whipping cream

120g sweetened condensed milk


The first step is to whip the whipping cream a whisk until it is thick and forms a soft peak. Do not over whisk the cream


Mix in the condensed milk


Mix in the milo powder


Mix the mixture thoroughly


Pour the mixture into a container to be frozen in the freezer overnight.


You can enjoy the ice cream on its own or with other toppings like crushed Oreo cookies or chocolate wafers


The texture of the ice cream is very thick and creamy and smooth with very strong Milo flavours. Milo lovers will definitely love this. Personally, I found it slightly too sweet so I would reduce the condensed milk slightly next time but my nephew absolutely loved it. Do try this zero failure recipe at home.

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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