Al Aameena Prata House

I was looking for an affordable place for a quick meet up with my friends after the dining out restrictions were lifted and we chanced upon this corner coffee shop that serves a variety of Indian and Thai Muslim food.


Taking the corner spot in the row of showhouses, the area of the coffee shop is pretty huge as most of the seating was placed outside on the corridors with minimal seating areas inside the shop itself.


You can find an extensive range of pratas as well as stir fry cooked food from the kitchen.


I liked the fact they served Northern Indian dishes but was disappointed when the server told us that the North Indian, Thai and Stir fry dishes were served only at night. The only items available for lunch were the prata and the Indian rojak.


For those not familiar with Indian rojak, it has nothing similar to the Chinese styled rojak mixed with prawn paste. Instead, cit resembles the Chinese styled Wu Xiang more where you can pick from a variety of ingredients which is fried and chopped up into pieces to be eaten as a snack with an accompanying peanut sweet and savoury sauce. Some of the popular items you can find are fried potatoes, friend beancurd, sausages, fried flour balls and more. The variety of ingredients are quite wide and the food is generally fresh and well fried which goes well with the red peanut sauce. There is nothing too good or bad to point out about the rojak.


The next thing I had was the roti john which is a six-inch baguette bread pan-fried with egg and meat till crispy and topped with ketchup and mayonnaise.  This dish is one of favourite as a child as you get to enjoy crispy bread and fragrant eggs which is sandwiched in between the bread. The one served here was quite mediocre as the flavours of the egg and meat was not flavourful enough and the meat portion was quite pathetic.


The thosai ordered by my friend was quite big in portion but crispy enough. The curries provided were also pretty general for taste.


The prata was also pretty general and nothing too special, it would have better if they pan fried it a bit longer.


The drinks were pretty well made and was a good serving size

Overall, the food at Al Aameena was pretty general and probably resembles many of the Prata shops in every neighbourhood. The dinner selection might be better since they have a variety of Thai and Chinese stir fry dishes as well as Western selections which are suitable for Muslims. One thing great is that they are opened 24 hours so you can satisfy your midnight hunger with a prata.

Address: 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560529

Operating hours: 24 hours

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