Sorrento at Shangri La Delhi

As we arrived really late in Delhi and was too tired to venture outside for a local meal we decided to settle for the Italian restaurant which was located within Shangri La hotel. My friend who has stayed here previously gave a good rating for the food and it was only after returning from the trip that I realised that it was a popular place for authentic Italian food in Delhi.


The restaurant itself was very spacious and had a country Italian chic atmosphere to it. The warm wood and white bricks interior have a calming and relaxing effect and you can almost expect a good hearty Italian meal by just looking at the restaurant itself.


For those who prefer to chill by the al fresco area will be greeted by this pretty garden landscape with nicely lit draping lights and greenery. As it was in December when I visited which is quite chilly in Delhi, there were electric warmers set up outdoors to keep customers warm.


They have a good selection of pasta and pizza with some very authentic Italian pasta sauces.


With every Italian restaurant, you will find the pair of olive oil and balsamic vinegar sitting at the table for seasoning for the salad or as a dip for the breadbasket.


We were first served the complimentary breadboard which had crunchy bread stix, soft and freshly baked herb bread and a soft bun. The bread was served with a small plate of tomato spread which was made of mashed sundried tomatoes with some other herbs. The bread was soft and warm and tasted wonderful with the spread. The tomato spread was so delicious that we asked for a 2nd plate. It was slightly tangy yet savoury and sweet at the same time with a light punch of garlic and herbs after taste.


We started our meal with a Bocconcini e Rucola salad which had rocket leaves, green olives, tomatoes, bocconcini cheese, artichokes with a lemon and olive oil dressing. The leaves were fresh and crunchy and there was a good balance of acidity and sweetness from the lemon and the tomatoes. The cheese serving was also quite generous and it was nice and soft with a light milky taste. The salad cost 595 rupee which is SGD 11.33


A fan of arancini, I had to order this which is basically fried risotto with ingredients within the arancini. You can find this throughout Italy and commonly ordered as a snack. This version was a deep-fried Carnaroli del Pavese risotto with green peas, mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil with a spiced garlic sauce. Unlike the ones I had in Italy which were shaped like balls, these were shaped like tall sharp cones. The risotto was al dente and had nice flavours from the peas and tomatoes but personally, I found them a little dry inside which was better when eaten together with the sauce. This dish cost us rupee 595 rupee which is SGD 11.33


I ordered the agnolotti di melanzane and when the main was served, I was a bit disappointed by the serving size as it looks very small. I ordered this as I have not tried agnolotti pasta before elsewhere and wanted to give it a try. Halfway through my plate, I was quite full so this small serving can be quite deceptive. My agnolotti was stuffed with eggplant, smoked scamorza cheese, tomato and basil. It was topped with grilled calamari and artichoke with mint sauce. The agnolotti resembled the Chinese dumplings and was stuffed fat with fillings which has a nice cheesy and earthy flavour.  I liked the fact that the dish was not heavily seasoned so I could still taste the fresh taste of the eggplant and tomatoes. The toppings added a nice texture to the dish as they were lightly grilled and crunchy to the bite. This dish cost rupee 1095 which is SGD 20.86


My friend had the ravioli d agnello e porri which is ravioli stuffed with braised lamb, potato and leek with rosemary and truffle sauce and topped with bits of hazelnuts. I was initially hesitant to try the dish since I was not a fan of the gamey flavours of some lamb dishes but when I had the first bite, I was pleasantly surprised as it was very flavourful and absolutely no gamey taste. The meat was succulent and well flavoured and provide the umami flavours to the otherwise plain ravioli. I had to stop myself from getting a 2nd piece since the serving was so small. This dish cost rupee 1095 which is SGD 20.86

Overall, the dishes were definitely above average in terms of taste and the service was also quite good and attentive. The servings for some of the dishes are pretty small for the price tag and might not be enough for bigger eaters. Ordering a couple more dishes to fill the stomach could set the bill quite high but with a nice atmosphere and authentic Italian cooking, it is still worth a visit.

Address: Ground Level Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Rd, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Operating hours: 12.30 pm to 2.45 pm and 7 pm to 11.45 pm


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