Tamra Shangri La Delhi

Since Shangri La’s breakfast never disappoints throughout the globe, we decided to spend an additional budget on top of our room rate for their hotel breakfast. The breakfast costs approximately SGD 35 per person and is definitely not very cheap going by Asian standards. The hotel breakfast is served daily at Tamra restaurant which is an International buffet restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.


The restaurant itself is huge with different sections dedicated to different kinds of cuisine. Even at breakfast, you can find various different cuisines being served. Coffee or tea is being served the moment you are seated and there is a good selection of tea available.


Right at the far right of the restaurant is the juice bar where you can find the typical pre-prepared juice like orange, apple, pineapple and more. This is not all, you can also order a freshly squeezed juice from the fresh fruits available at the counter so you can order your own mixed fruits juice from the staff at the counter who will bring it to your table.


The next area is the cold cuts area where you can find multiple kinds of cold meats and cheeses as well as fresh salad leaves, olives and tomatoes who those who like a salad in the morning.


In the middle of the restaurant, you can find the bakery corner where there is freshly baked bread rolls, toasts, croissants, doughnuts, bagels as well as dessert bakes like cookies, apple pies and cakes.


Something not to be missed is also the Indian cuisine counter which serves local meat and vegetarian curry with freshly made naan or roti.


Catering to a wide audience, you can also find the Chinese counter with live soup noodles counter and dim sum. There is also a generic breakfast counter where you can find the likes of American breakfast favourites like bacon, baked beans, scrambled eggs.


I was definitely not expecting to see this station in the morning and with a wide variety of flavours available as well. I guess there is never a right time for ice cream.


With the eggs station, you can also order an omelette with customised fillings, sunny side up or even eggs benedict with a muffin which was pretty decent.


My plate is not the most enticing as I had a bad appetite from the lack of sleep from arriving late and waking early and it was such a waste that I could not enjoy the breakfast longer. I had a bit of everything from the buffet line to test out the food. Generally, the food quality and taste are great and with the variety available, it is worth the cost of the buffet. I would recommend having this breakfast to start your day.

Address: Level 1 Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Rd, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Operating hours: 6.30 am to 11.45 pm





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