Hans Im Gluck

One of the first vegetarian burgers I had was from Vegan Burger and that totally took my breath away and I would gladly give up meat burgers for them. That was many years back and since then, I have had many other vegan burgers but nothing stood out until I visited Hans Im Gluck.


When this restaurant first opened in Vivocity, I thought the only items on the menu was German meat dishes but I was so wrong until my friend sent me the online menu. In fact, they only serve burgers and there is, in fact, a very extensive selection for vegetarians and vegans. When I first stepped into the restaurant, the interior really blew me away. It was a scene out of an Alpine forest. There were many trees used as part of the interior design


Just like a typical German fairytale, the entire interior was quite whimsical with floating plants, actual tree trunks, a fake water well with a traditional country bucket.


This natural decor is also extended to the condiments organiser on the table. The container is cut right out of the same kind of trees used within the rest of the restaurant. While there is an enormous number of trees within the restaurant, it is not overwhelming and gives off an extremely calming effect.


Their menu has different selections for beef, chicken, vegetarian and vegan and the difference lies in the patty. The interesting thing about the menu is that you can make their burgers a set that comes with a side, a cold beverage and a hot beverage by adding SGD 5 for the non-alcoholic drink or SGD 9 for the alcoholic drink.


They have very interesting iced beverages in addition to the usual cola or ice tea. For example, their ice tea which is called Eistee is made of ice lemon tea with forest berry-cucumber or mango-ginger or basil cucumber or for those who like it plain. We had the mint cucumber ice tea and the mango mint tea. Both were very refreshing and not overly sweet which is perfect for me on a hot day.


Something to note is that they use metal straws to contribute to reducing the use of plastic in the environment.


The burger I ordered was the Wolpertinger which consists of a spicy patty, aged cheddar cheese & avocado cream. The side I chose for my set was the cabbage salad which is a lighter version of the popular sauerkraut.


The cabbage salad itself is only slightly tangy and has a very light taste of vinegar with a tinge of sweetness. The cabbage itself was still crunchy so it was a very good accompaniment to the burger.


I can’t exactly make out what the spicy patty is made of but it tasted like a good mix of nuts and soy. The burger bread itself was fluffy and nutty with healthy grains and seeds while the avocado cream sandwiched between the patty and the bread was creamy and buttery. The burger is considered huge as it could hardly fit onto one bite. It was one of those burgers where you have to cut them up to fit into your mouth. Overall, the combination of flavours was very good and the texture of the patty with the other garnishes had a great balance.


My friend had the Fabelhafter which is the wheat patty with avocado cream, orange-mustard sauce & herby garden salad and she chose fried as her sides. The burgers are quite similar in size except her is flatter.


We dissected the burger since she could not finish her burger and examined the patty. At first glance, the patty really resembles any beef patty which is grilled perfectly. At a closer look, you can kind of see the wheat fibres in the patty itself. The burger itself tasted pretty good with the mustard and avocado cream balancing the patty and the bread.

We had coffee and tea which we did not take any pictures since they were pretty general. Overall, I loved the food at Han Im Gluck and will definitely visit them again for their meat burgers. The food was great and the atmosphere is definitely one of the key reason for visiting them again as it was very relaxing to spend a lazy afternoon in the restaurant.

The only downside during my visit was the service. While the service was very professional and friendly but it was rather hard to get any attention promptly since the layout of the place has many blind spots. We often had to wave for a good 3 mins before anyone took notice of us. We were also quite lost when we first entered the restaurant as nobody attended to us and we were not sure if we were supposed to wait to be shown to a table so in the end after waiting 1 min, we walked to our own table.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-57 Vivo City, Singapore 098585

Operating hours: 11 am to 11 pm ( 12am on Fri and Sat)

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