Patisserie G

I have been walking past this cafe many times over the past few years and I have been hearing great reviews about their cakes and desserts but I never had the chance to visit. Finally, I had a chance to drop by for desserts after dinner.


The seating for customers is open-concept styled and is right in the middle of the shopping mall. The furnishing eludes a simplistic style with white and brown tables and chairs.


The cafe used to be much bigger and took up 2 units with one unit being the main seating area. Since another shop took over the 2nd unit, the first unit is kept as the main Patisserie shop with the cashier and the showcases of the desserts and some savoury pastries.

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There is also merchandise for sales like their cookies, chocolates, biscuits, apparels, cups and coffee. Iced water is also complimentary but self-service at the counter next to the merchandise shelf.


The dessert counter has a few selections and is served in small petite sizes so it is recommended to order a few flavours for sharing as the size if small. The cakes are all quite exquisitely decorated and made and cost around SGD 8 to SGD 9 per cake. Some of the popular choices include the G spot which is a dome-shaped dark chocolate mousse cake and the chocolate tart, tiramisu and cheesecake


The savoury sandwiches and pastry showcase has a couple of pre-packed sandwiches with roasted vegetables, roast meat or seafood. When we visited them around 8.30pm there was a 1 for 1 promotion going on for the sandwiches which are really worth it since each sandwich pack is around SGD 9 to SG D 12. They have a couple of quiche options as well for them who do not want sandwiches or croissants.


The plain croissant was crispy and has a slight butter taste but I found it slightly dry and not buttery enough.


The quiche we ordered was the mushroom quiche which is quite flavourful but at the same time somewhat lacking some mushroom fragrance. There was a lot of cheese and milky taste but I find that there is not enough mushroom taste infused. The crust was also abit hard even though I expected it to be crumbly and buttery


In comparison, the desserts were much better compared to the savoury selections. One of the popular items, the chocolate tart was full of chocolate goodness.  The shell of the tart was chocolate flavoured butter crumbs and the tart is filled with thick and decadent chocolate cream which is almost like pure melted chocolate. It is not too sweet and has a bittersweet after taste.


The lychee cheesecake was very pretty to look it and has a nice balanced graham cracker base with a thick cheesecake centre and lychee flavoured jelly as the top. The cheesecake consistency was thick and creamy and full of cheese flavour. It was a pity that the lychee flavour was only infused in the top jelly and not with the cheesecake. It is still a light and refreshing dessert choice which is not too sweet or heavy on the stomach.

Overall, Patisserie G has really pretty and quality desserts and it will be a nice place to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings although the cost per piece of cake tends to be a bit higher than other cafes. The only downside is the atmosphere of the cafe is not exactly conducive for chilling or chatting as it is right in the centre of the mall and you get stares from people walking past the tables in the mall.

Address: 9 Raffles Blvd, #01-40 Millenia Walk, 039596

Operating hours: 7.30 am to 9 pm ( 10 pm on Fri and Sat / 9 am on Sat and Sun)


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